March 30, 2019

FREE VPN - Bypass Site Blocking


FREE VPN - fast and convenient VPN for your browser.
The easiest VPN service for your browser. With one click, unlock access to any website.
Enjoy unlimited Internet access, anonymity and privacy protection.
You can with it:
● To connect to a secure anonymous servers around the world
● Change your virtual location
● Circumvent censorship
● Access websites that are blocked in your country, company or school
● Work online through a secure tunnel with Bank-level encryption
● Browse the web anonymously
● Prevent online tracking
● Enjoy the security and protection of personal data when connected through unprotected WiFi hotspots to public networks
● Work at a speed faster than when working through a web proxy
● Protect your personal data from hackers and detectives

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    Nice one

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    VPN is a kinda tricky technology and you need to have some basic knowledge about this technology to use it without having issues. To be honest, I am not using VPN at all, but I have a couple of friends that are working via the internet and they need to have their VPN on all the time. I've asked them about VPN and how's that working and the only one thing they have told me was to read this article if I really want to know how's that working. I think you might read it as well, if you want to find out a little bit more about VPN