Growth May 4, 2020

Freemium product? Here are 5 simple ways to grow sales and premium sign ups:

Gene Maryushenko @genemachine

I've looked at a lot of different products here and over the course of my career. There are recurring mistakes that leave money on the table. Let's fix that.

  1. Upsell your premium offer in your free sign up flow. (More $$$, little work)

It's crazy how simple this is yet most companies don't do it. Just put a screen with your premium offer between the start and the end of your onboarding flow. See examples here:

  1. Offer a discounted annual plan, autoselect it, frame it as a monthly price (billed annually). I've seen people offer the plan, but they don't highlight it by default for some reason. Many of you are probably already doing this, but if you are not, take a look here:

  2. Break up your long form into a multi-step form. Have 4 questions in your form? Now you have 4 steps with 1 question each ;) Plenty of tools like leadformly to help with this. Related tweet for a multi-step example:

  3. Upsell your premium offer in your welcome email. If your welcome email is a guide to how to get the most out of your product, include the premium upsell at the bottom of your email as a button, and you can even try it as a text link at the top. See how Scott's Cheap Flights does it really well:

  4. Send a follow-up email with your discounted premium offer within 24 hours. Make it expire after 24 hours (adds urgency).

I started a newsletter where I break down all the different ways founders can grow sales through. The first post has 5 other ideas you can test in your own flow. Get updates here:

What's your favorite strategy for converting free users to paid? Please share with us!

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