Frequently - the easiest way to create and manage your website's knowledge base

Hi IH!

Back in January I launched Frequently, a side project that makes creating and managing your website's knowledge base / FAQ super easy (and FREE!) compared to some of the bigger competitors.

We spent the last ~3 months gathering and implementing feedback from our early users.

We recently released these requests in one large update that includes:

-new design
-custom favicon
-question sorting
-question tagging


I'd love any feedback you might have!



  1. 2

    Are you looking at how to better embed frequently into existing sites?

    I spent a lot of time with a DIY approach based on Wordpress for the CMS to support FAQs on https://appointment.one and https://calenzen.com. I went DIY since I wanted to control the look and feel and make it act like part of the site.

    If I found another offering I'd have gladly consumed that instead. If my use case is at all similar then a nice CMS tool for the site admins could be complemented with a Javascript library or API calls so the customer could manage the content presentation.

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      It's definitely something I'm looking into and plan to add in a future update.

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