Daily Stand-up December 6, 2019

Friday stand up

Rob Race @rob_race

What will you accomplish by end of year?

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

What will you do today?

  1. 1

    Add some styling to workwithgo.com

    Integrate the amazon affiliate link on the sidebar

  2. 1

    Today: Adding an author note to my book to encourage readers to leave reviews.
    Yesterday: Reading about how to improve my author profile page
    EOY: still figuring this out, but hoping to get into top 100 in at least one category on Amazon

  3. 1

    EOY: Get MVP of https://MailBuffer.io out the door

    Yesterday: Got first draft of the landing page for https://MailBuffer.io shipped.

    Today: Get back to working on the MVP, mostly around testing some plumbing of the mail addresses now that I have a domain and some DNS set.