March 18, 2019

from 0 to 10k daily users visiting my robots tech🤖 website, now back to 0 .. what I'm doing wrong? 💔

Marco G. @mgdev

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    I would suggest to get a SSL certificate(there are free ones) since the lack of this can affect your ranking.

    All the best!

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    I used to try the whole viral content strategy a lot, but if you don't capture some of those users (via email or social media follows) it's really hard to make it worthwhile.

    I'd suggest finding a sustainable traffic source like SEO or paid ads and trying to capture users as email subscribers.

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      thanks for your feedback, do you have any suggestion for SEO traffic source? I tried already with facebook ads and it was useless

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        SEO is all about building links and writing content. It's a long journey, but for many products can be worth it.

        I also put together a big list of marketing ideas for side projects so feel free to use that if it helps:

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          thanks a lot for sharing it!!!!!

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    What led to the 10k daily users? Was that a launch 🚀 on product hunt or similar?

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        Have you read Traction by Weinberg (I think) - a great book about how to get and maintain traction.

        10k is great for a launch - though without taking an email address it was always going to be tough to get them to return.

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        I would suggest you track a segment in your analytics which removes product hunt traffic and see how that segment has been performing

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