Growth July 28, 2020

From 0 to 5,000 - Growing a side project in 30 days

Felix Wong @felix12777

This is how Virtual Mojito survived from its first 30th day!!!

Discover virtual events, tools & latest trends on Virtual Mojito!

Today is the Day 60 of my side hustle. So I think it's nice to capture some of my learnings. Can't believe I'm running this No Code project on Notion.

🤔 Hypothesis

I start with a simple assumption: "How can we help the community find the best alternative to Zoom?" Do people really need a new tool? Why we keep seeing new products coming into this spectrum. I'm super curious!

⚠️ Unbundling (buzzword)

I realize that there are more and more verticalized options for meetings, seminars, friends, virtual games, hackathons, and social gatherings. Therefore, I indexed 70 tools based on research.

🤷‍♀️ Vanity metrics:

Well, it's okay to celebrate. But don't go too far. Engagement matters. Of course, it's also case by case. No golden formula tho. Thanks to my network across social media and communities.

  • Unique site visitors: 5,053
  • Social media: Unknown, don't care

😁 Well, these metrics make me smile:

Why? Because people are actually reading my content and willing to stay in touch. That's the biggest reward!

  • Newsletter subscribers: +51
  • New event listings: +48
  • New event tools: +7
  • Contributors: +14

💪 What worked:

  • Started a bi-weekly newsletter on Substack in week 2 to summarize insights in this virtual event space
  • Repurpose newsletter content after D+2 across social media channels. Same content but different design and structure
  • Work with contributors one by one to understand their objectives. I DM'ed or emailed almost everyone
  • Scout new tools on Product Hunt, Twitter, and Indie Hackers

🙆‍♂️ Can do better:

  • Make my content more interactive and distribute across various channels. So far I'm only using my own social media, some slack groups, Facebook groups, and side hustle communities like here
  • Start a newsletter from the beginning and build a relationship with readers earlier. I should have done this earlier to capture more early adopters, but back then I don't have much content, so let's see
  • Install GA from day one (I did it in week 4)

🛠️ No Code tool stack:

Virtual Mojito is built with Notion. And I run it with ImprovMX, Fruition, Cloudflare, Zapier, Airtable, Substack, Bitly, and Google Analytics.

🔥 What next?

Virtual Mojito Ver 1.1 is coming soon & your feedback will be part of the launch! What new feature do you want to see?

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