April 16, 2019

From $7k to $80k per month with a Slack App


Hi folks! Let me share a story about how we bootstrapped a Slack Bot to $80k per month.

I hope you’ll find it useful and learn something new :)

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    Would have been better to show a chart of your MRR from Feb 2018 to Feb 2019. Saying 80k per month sounds like that is your MRR which would be incorrect.

    Any regrets with the LTD?

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      Maybe next time we'll share our MRR. I didn't mean to say we hit $80k MRR. I said we hit $80k/mo and that was particularly true.

      1. 3

        Doing $80k in one month is not the same as doing $80k/mo...

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    But you're not at $80k per month... You made $80k in one month by offering a huge, one-off, discount on your product - that's not recurring revenue.

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      Thanks, next time I will post MRR figures to be 100% accurate =)

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    I read the article congratulations on what you've achieved guys!
    Though I wouldn't say you are at $80K per month since you made $30K with a launch on Appsumo

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      Thanks, next time I will post MRR figures to be 100% accurate =)

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    Nice! we just started using you guys last week! So far so good.

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      Was part of the appsumo lifetime deal and moved from a recurring competitor.

      If you want a customer perspective:

      Pricing from the competitor was the issue for us, as we were using it for Friday checkins for the whole company to see and participate in. The problem was, not all employees needed it day to day and their pricing forced me to pay for accounts for all the people that only used it once per week.

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        Thanks for your feedback, I will take it into consideration.

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    @alextomsk Are you coming back to address questions? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

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    Love the break down of the failed experiments.

    You mentioned the "groove" style blog tracking your progress has driven a bunch of leads. I'm interested in knowing more about how well the strategy is working.

    Personally, I've thought of doing that for Referral Rock, but thought it was played out / saturated. What are your subscribers counts like and reads to posts like the one you just wrote? What about leads generated?


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      I said Groove style didn't really work for us. It seems like when you write about something useful to others and include the product in the article in a way that's it's essential there works.

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    This is such a fascinating story.

    Which one had the most impact though? Was the SEO a turn-around or the AppSumo deals?

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      Thanks. I think building a great product helped us the best.

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