Ideas and Validation January 25, 2021

From Idea sketches to structure and presentable idea?

Miguel Stevens @pilfton

I have an idea, and in my head it seems like something worth pursuing, I have some sketches, some potential features I wrote down.

Now I'm wondering what the next step is, how do I go from these scribbles to something I can present, something I can try and start validating.

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    Before you build it, there are two more ways you can validate it - (1) customer interviews (think "Talking to humans" and "Mom Test") and (2) quick traction test with a simple landing page. I'd suggest doing these two things before you even attempt to build something. Could tell you more about both if you're interested/ not done this before.

    I know this is not what you were after posting the question but thought this might be helpful, as well. I am sure there will be some folks here who'd know more about MVPing, I am myself more on the validation side.

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      This is a valid point! The thing I'm not sure about is if the time building a landing page could maybe better be spend working on an MVP of the product itself? Setting up a landing page also means deciding on copywriting, a style to present.

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        But this is a good thing, isn't it? It gets you to think about what the core value proposition is (when deciding on copy), who the user is (when thinking of who to target) and how to acquire them (when looking to drive traffic to the page). This helps you see how much you know about your audience and learn more which lays a good foundation for any future business.

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          Good point! You're absolutely right, I ligned up a few steps for myself to take, I need to carve out one problem I'm going to try and solve, then find people who have that problem and try to get some validation. Thanks!

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            Glad I could help!

            If you were looking for any validation inspro, I've put together this Validation Toolkit - take a look if you find anything helpful there.

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              Thanks for this! I'll definately check it out when I work on my idea-to-be!

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                Best of luck! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions/ feedback!

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    You can use something like Figma ( to flush it out and plan out the workflow. Then use a no-code builder like Bubble, Adalo, or Appgyver to create a MVP. ALl the best!

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      Thanks, I did not know about those no-code solutions, the thing I'm struggling now is to flush out an MVP from all those things that I've written down. I'm going to try and focus on one problem the app has to solve, and then see what is needed to solve that problem for a few people

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