Front-end dev - where to start ?

What are the best training courses you have followed ?

Paid vs Free ?

Where to start as a front-end dev ?

I am currently building a reference list of tools used by front-end developers on a daily basis that make life easy : https://www.indiehackers.com/post/what-tools-have-changed-your-life-as-a-frontend-developer-66c1c5df9e

Any help would be appreciated on the side "learning".

Feel free to share your own learning course :)

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    https://laracasts.com would always be my first choice, it covers the most common parts. https://designcode.io could be a good fit for designers improving their dev skills.

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    When I started a couple years ago I did FreeCodeCamp courses for HTML, CSS and Javascript and then went onto Youtube and learnt Vue.js. Never bought a course personally, but I know some people that have had success with Udemy courses.

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    I'm using Codecademy Pro account for learning dev. It covers HTML, CSS, & Javascript. When you've completed your list I'd love to see this posted on our community platform for devs www.westryve.com

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      Thanks !

      Just bookmark it and bring some friends with : it would help a lot.

      edit : I just added your submission :)

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