Looking to Partner Up February 22, 2020

Full-stack Dev looking for side projects!

Christian Dimas @kenanchristian

Hi there!

I’m a full-stack dev who love working on new ideas and turning them to an actual product. From workflow automation, internal tools, data scraping, static website, you name it!

So if you have an idea and needing a developer to work on it, feel free to contact me.
Looking forward to hearing about your awesome ideas!


Edit: I’m flexible about the fees, we can discuss it before starting the project! 👍🏻

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    Hi Christian,

    I have an opportunity you made be interested in. I'd like to connect over a brief call at your convenience.




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    Hey Christian, I've got an interesting side project that could probably use some development help (https://tutorbook.app). Ping me if interested (email in profile).

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    Hi Christian,

    If www.bookmocks.com seems interesting, please hit me up. I am looking for technical help in improving the project.

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    Hi Chris,

    Do you have experience with VueJS & front end? If so, let's chat!
    [email protected]

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    Let’s connect via [email protected]

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    Hey Christian,

    Are you looking for paid opportunities? Looking for sweat equity kinds of things? Looking to just help?

    Most of the people that I've seen are looking for the $$$!

    Let the group know!


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      Thanks for the tip, I’ve updated the post 🍻