Full-stack Eng looking to partner up on SaaS (North America)

Hi all,

I'm a full-stack software eng looking for a SaaS project to work on. Prefer SaaS catered to other makers/prosumers/SMBs. Looking to build a SaaS web app, not a mobile product.

I've worked as an engineer for numerous large and small (YC-backed) tech companies.

More about me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeljy/

Looking to team up with 1 or 2 other people (technical or product/marketing folks welcome). If you've got an idea and want to pitch it to me, great! If you don't have an idea just yet and just want to connect, that's fine too -- we can get to know each other and perhaps brainstorm together!

I'm located in the Austin, TX area and open to other cofounders in North America.

Feel free to drop a comment here or email me at [email protected] to connect.

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    Hey @MJY, full stack dev also from Texas (Houston). I’d be interested in teaming up to build a SaaS. Maybe we could bounce some ideas around and see if it could work out. I’m really interested in the categories you mentioned plus real estate.

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    Hey @MJY, sent you a DM on LinkedIn.


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    Hey, I'm looking for partners still... check out my projects page. If you find it interesting, contact me (info on my IH page). Thanks and good luck on your endeavours!

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      Hey, best of luck but looking to partner with someone who is also in North America

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    Hey!!! I am in the Austin area too and It may not be an SaaS software but nonetheless I think I have a project you would enjoy working on. Take a look at my posts and if you are interested then pm me or even email me, I would love to get someone in the area on board!!

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      Hey Ethan, I can't say fishing is particularly interesting to me. Best of luck!

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    Hi Michael, I have a project that would be for the biotech industry with a graph database setup. Not sure if you’d be interested or not?

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