Full-stack web dev looking for a new challenge

Hey, fellow indie hackers!

About me

My name is Timm and I'm a german software engineer looking for opportunities and challenges to explore and grow in new directions.
My friends would best describe me as a very creative, driven but easy-going individual.

Tools of choice

I have strong experience in Javascript building full-stack web applications mainly using: Vue.js (Nuxtjs), Nodejs, and MongoDB.
Besides that, I'm very passionate about AI and ML so doing projects with Python and Tensorflow on the side.

What I'm looking for

A team of like-minded people that also have their hearts in the right spot and want to have some impact in this world with their idea. After a multitude of projects, I found that I strive to be my best when I'm not the #1 guy. I need my focus aligned primarily on coding and building to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'm excited to hear from you! :)

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    Hey @dtunker , I run a last minute tours and activities marketplace that is built using a stack that fits your skill set. If you are open to a convo I can tell you about our business and see if there’s a fit. We have an established mvp and built partnerships within the travel ecosystem. Now looking for a technical lead as we begin scaling

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    Hey @dtunker, I’m looking for a partner too, see my post https://www.indiehackers.com/post/thought-about-exploring-redwood-js-8e042467c9. I’m a product guy and designer looking for a dev. Similar but different stack

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    Welcome to IH. I love your stack! I'm using Nuxt, Mongo, Node and GraphQL to build my current project. :)

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      Thank you Kamal and good luck with your project! If you ever need some backup power with Nuxt hit me up :)

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    Hi, please reach out as I have the perfect opportunity for you!

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    Hi Timm, I am a cofounder at Peep Connect. We are building the future of connectivity for small businesses using AI/ML. I'll love to connect with you. MVP built and half-way through our fundraising. If you're down, we will love to chat more.
    We are a team of genz's looking to make a positive impact and a lasting impression.

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    Hey, can you drop me an email (in my profile or shoot me a Twitter dm? : )

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    Hi Timm - my name's Shane and I'm building a product that will support people in better understanding, accessing and controlling their personal data. It sounds like this might be a cause that interests you. You can reach me at shane@virtualself.app if you'd like to learn more or just have a friendly chat. Thanks and good luck.

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    Damn!!! Seems like you are the man @dtunker, a lot of project and a lot of demand.
    What are you exactly looking for? Are you looking to help someone to build his project or are you looking for a side project with meaning to you or environment or that might help people?

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    Hi @dtunker

    I love people.

    If what you have in mind can bring true value and benefit to those who use it, then I would be honored to be of service.

    ✅ Cognitive Behavioral Marketing Strategy
    ✅ Conversion Copywriting (Landing pages, sales pages, email marketing etc)
    ✅ Team Optimization (Discovering, developing and utilizing team member strengths)
    ✅ Sales (qualifying, follow-up, closing deals)

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    Hi Timm!

    We could use a full stack developer for language training platform. We have done a lot of business development and believe we have solid verification of the business model. If you might be interested either reach out to me or look further in this post and the post linked within: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/market-validation-check-zero-to-one-opportunity-check-mvp-help-full-stack-b1e0a597e9

    We are also using AI in python. We have a PhD student at Carnagie Melon University helping with this, but he is busy with studies so if you are interested the two of you might be able to collaborate.

    Would love to talk more!


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    My current co-founder/CTO has to step away from the business in the next 6 months, so we are looking for someone to take his place. Our product is live if you want to check it out to see if it interests you: idenati.com/about

    Feel free to shoot me an email if so: Jeremy@idenati.com

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    Have something - can you reach out to me at russ.schneider@gmail.com ?

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