Fullstack Developer Interested in B2B SaaS Opportunities

Hi everyone. I'm interested in connecting with anyone who is in need of a technical lead or any technical assistance for their B2B SaaS product. I love the B2B SaaS space and would love to dedicate my free time with developing another product.

About Me

I bring 8 years of full stack development experience with over 4 years of being a lead developer in my professional career. I am experienced with both web and mobile development using most modern frameworks such as React, React Native, and Angular. Additionally, I have previously ran a successful B2B SaaS.

I look forward to connecting with you guys!

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    Hi BryteLyte! It's inspiring to see that you love to dedicate your free time to building another product. I wonder if you've ever considered helping develop open source products.

    My organization Grey Software is mostly focussing on software education at the moment so I don't think we can scratch your B2B itch.

    However, I know that projects like N8n, Baserow, Yunohost, and others could benefit from someone with your talent :)

    Best of luck!

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      Thank you Arsala! I love what you guys are doing with Grey Software. Will reach out in the future :)

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    Hi there - we have a workplace wellbeing platform that we are looking for a tech lead to take to the next level. Is this something that might interest you?

    Pip - The Circle Line.co.uk

    [email protected]

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    Hey Michael! We are in dire need of help to re-build a B2B SaaS. There are so many feature requests and bugs from our current users, that we would be grateful for a helping hand.

    We actually posted our inquiry here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/product-engineer-needed-to-renovate-a-legacy-but-successful-b2b-saas-66543b1f42

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    Hi BryteLyte - would be interested in talking. Part of our marketplace is B facing (real estate investors). www.livehomeroom.com/investor-intro

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    Hey BryteLyte,

    I have 7 + years of experience in marketing and sales. Interested in brainstorming ideas?

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      Hi Shalin, email sent . I look forward to chatting with you!

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    Hi BryteLte,
    I'm looking for a co-founder for a Booking SaaS for the Latam Market, love to chat - love to chat and see if it of interest to you - let's connect [email protected]

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    Hey BryteLyte,

    I am the co-founder of a performance and health start up in esports. I'd love to hear more about you! Drop me a line at [email protected]

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      Love what you guys are doing but unfortunately I can't enter esports at the moment due to a conflict of interest. Good luck in your search!!

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    What are the B2B SaaS recommendations?

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      Hi Lelinta, no recommendations at the moment. I want to primarily connect with likeminded folks who need technical expertise and brainstorm possible ideas together :)

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    Hi, I need some advice regarding my SaaS product idea. Would you be interested for it?

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