Fullstack engineer looking to build a SaaS (North America)

I'm a fullstack engineer that loves to build meaningful products. I've been working on teams for other people for the last seven years and am a bit burned out. I think building something I can own might help with that. I'm planning on taking some time off for a while and then will be looking for another venture so I'm putting my feelers out there.

I'm looking for a founder with a proven idea and a need for a technical developer who loves good teamwork and can execute.


  • Frontend: Extensive expertise in vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS. Strong experience with React, experience with Angular; willing to pick up new technologies as needed.
  • Backend: Strong in both node.js and elixir + phoenix, postgres, mysql and some NoSql experience
  • Ops: Capable of working with different PaaS and IaaS such as Heroku, GCP, AWS, Render and Gigalixir
  • Project management: familiar with scrum and agile principles and can gather requirements and design features from the ground up.

Let me know if you're interested in building something with me.

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    Hi Virtu!

    We could use a full stack developer for a SAAS language training platform. We have done a lot of business development and believe we have solid verification of the business model. If you might be interested either reach out to me or look further in this post and the post linked within: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/market-validation-check-zero-to-one-opportunity-check-mvp-help-full-stack-b1e0a597e9

    Would love to talk more!


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    Hi, I'm an expert virtual event veteran with solid, vetted idea for a high-growth industry in need of an engineer to build out the initial prototype/phase 1. Would love to chat more...email in profile.

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    Yo virtu,
    we are on the verge of launching and would like to bring in another developer.
    Send me an email if you are interested [email protected]


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    @virtu check out joinfoundhero.com. We are looking to power the shipping of the millions of lost and found property every month. We are an apifirst built on the MEAN stack.

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      @gbessoni the site is super slick. How long you guys been around for?

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        8 months. Slowly building a very solid product. I have several big companies interested in what we are doing.

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          I don't doubt it. good luck!

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    Hey! I have a saas platform that I could use some more help with to build out features for growing the userbase

    Some mrr but need more development to grow it and upsell the software to exisitng users and expand

    Feel free to reach out, my email is in my profile

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    Also a full stack dev from North America looking to build a SaaS. Experienced in angular and node. Working on a very early idea right now. Would be willing to bounce some ideas.

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      Hi Virtu & Fxrxz,
      I have a bootstrapped site that made 6k MRR last year and I’m looking for someone to help me build more features. I’m based in Europe.

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        Hi Naples, I would love to introduce myself and learn more about your project.
        Could you contact me by email? diegogiorgini[a t]gmail[d o t]com, thank!

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    Hi @virtu , Can you please share your email ID so we can pick it up over email?

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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