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Gain users by joining forces on a webinar with someone who has a similar audience

Host webinars with people who have similar audiences to find and acquire new subscribers — especially if you don't have your own audience.

Over the course of a summer, Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing ($78,000/mo) did over $150,000 in revenue and added 10,000 people to his email list with a single joint-venture webinar. After finding a likely co-host, he made his request hard to refuse by offering a breakdown of what he would cover, a promise not to hard-sell their audience, and his average revenue per registration, per live attendee, and per sale. Even if you've never hosted a webinar before, this tactic can work if you have something of value to share — just join forces with someone who has a smaller audience for your first go-around.

For help getting started, reach out to community members on Indie Hackers.

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    I love this idea! If anyone is looking to co-host a webinar that targets B2B business let me know. I'd like to host a webinar on lead generation and content creation.

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