JAMstack September 20, 2020

Gatsby + Figma + Netlify = Free Landing Page

Fajar Siddiq 👨🏻‍💻🇸🇬🏝️ @fajarsiddiq

So i've been using figma for 2 years and i enjoy designing it. I learn how to make a simple landing page design. One of my maker friend @mddanishyusuf (founder of nocodeapi.com) help me out in the coding for gatsby and open source the code.

A year ago i made a no-code game called "supermakers" and got #4 product of the day on producthunt.com I enjoy making the no-code game and share it with the community. I use withkoji.com to make the game. Bought a domain on namecheap and also deploy the website on netlify and upload my repo on github.com

Subscribe my substack: https://fajarsiddiq.substack.com/p/gatsby-figma-netlify-free-landing

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    Is there a way to actually export the gatsby styles from figma? Or is it more like you create a design and then code it up in Gatsby?

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    Nice website Fajar, but it is not very responsive. Maybe that’s the downfall of using Figma? I’m not sure but I hope this helps you steer on the right path.

    I was using an iPad on Safari and it was way too big for the screen.

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      i use figma on mbp, for the website is responsive

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        Well I’m assuming that you only used one frame size to create the website. If it was for the mbp that means it only works for Mac books or other screens that have the same dimensions. That may be the downside of using Figma. Still though, a great accomplishment. I haven’t seen anyone use Figma for a main tool in Jamstack. Congrats! 🥳

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