Productivity February 9, 2020

Generate names like Snapchat, Evernote, DropBox, PayPal for your next project.

Varun Mohapatra @varunmohapatra

Hi friends, I've recently built
It takes one keyword about your business and instantly gives you a lot of name ideas for your upcoming project.

Also, this is my first time developing anything. Learned javascript and made this as side-project. Take it for a spin and let me know if this would help you out with ideas.


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    You've done a great job, especially for a first project! This is very useful.

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      Thanks! Glad you like it.

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        What if you also tried synonyms of the words entered? 90% would be gibberish but that 10% might have a useful idea that the user didn't originally consider.

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          Yes, a friend suggested this as well. Working on it next.

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            Perhaps just have a checkbox with the text "Find synonyms" under the search box so you can easily toggle it.

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    I tried "schedule" , it said the domain was available and referred me to godaddy brokerage for taken domains

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      Yes, right now there's a small chance for false positives. Working on fixing it very soon. Thanks!

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    I think you have a bug. I put in the term "solo" and then scrolled quite a ways down. One suggestion was It said the domain was available, but it isn't.

    One nice feature to add would be to also check social media sites (twitter, reddit, IG, etc) to see if the name is available. I currently use for that. When setting up a website it's nice to have the Twitter handle with the same name, and that influences the name I choose.

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      I'll be adding social name checks very soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

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