Generating a full blog post with AI

A couple of months ago, I built and launched the MVP for my SaaS platform SEOCopy within 24 days. Since then, I've grown the MRR to $266 with 14 paid users and 360 free signups.

After listening to tons of user feedback, the platform is now looking a lot more polished with some great new features. One of these features, and the most exciting (that also took a month by itself to build!), is the full Blog Post Generator. You simply enter a subject/blog idea and some keywords, then it'll ask you to generate a title, an introduction, some subheadings, and then using all of that information combined it'll generate outputs for each of the subheadings. Once everything is pieced together in the "Blog editor" (as I like to call it), you now have your blog post, with the ability to edit/add copy to any of the sections if you're unhappy with the output.

I've now launched a 100% AI generated blog using the Blog Post Generator feature, and the results are great in my opinion. Here's the first blog post if you'd like to read it (100% of the copy is AI generated): https://seocopy.ai/blog/how-to-make-your-website-copy-more-search-engine-friendly

There's a lot of AI copywriting tools out there, and I get that people can be skeptical of them. AI is not perfect by any stretch, but I think that I've genuinely built a decent tool, for use by agencies and marketeers to aide them in the creation of optimised website copy. I've tried to narrow down to a specific niche, and that's SEO. Most AI copywriting tools are built for general marketing use and try to cover all areas, whilst I'm trying to build the best tool that I can for this specific area of marketing.

We now have just 6 founder plans remaining, which is cool. I'm excited to keep iterating and growing the platform.

One of the things I am going to be doing soon over on my Twitter (@richiemcilroy), is starting a series where I'll regularly post updates about the SEOCopy Blog, including new keyword rankings, keyword research strategies using tools like KatLinks.io and LowFruits.io, and regular organic traffic stats.

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    That blog post is pretty impressive! I know a lot of people built half-measures using GPT-3 to spin up blog post ideas and titles or outlines but this is the first one I have seen that wrote an entire blog post. As for the quality of the post, frankly its a tiny bit fluffy but if I was using this I could easily edit or spin the post to give it some final polish and this would cut the writing time in half at a minimum. I am going to give this a try right now because I do agency work and SEO but I am often required to write a few blog posts and it's tedious when it's not a subject you really give a damn about.

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      Thank you, I appreciate it! That's the idea - I don't think AI by itself is good enough now for full auto copy generation, it still requires some level of human moderation. However, I feel like it does save a copywriter/marketer (especially in an agency setting) quite a bit of time.

      The AI has a tendency to output quite a bit of gibberish attached to the start or end of outputs, but I've built the blog post generator editor with this in mind, with the ability to be able to edit these sections once the copy is generated.

      Let me know how you get on :)

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        I just dumped the link onto our internal slack channel so about 5-6 other in the agency can take a look at it. they probably won't see it till Monday but more than anything the benefit might just be speed - our agency is a great example, we look after about 200 franchises for a service business, they each have a website and we are contracted to provide two pieces of content a month to all 200 of them - 400 "supposedly" unique bits of content about the exact same service is virtually impossible so there is a lot of semi-duplicate and spun articles just to avoid a google duplicate content blow-off. when you are scratching for an idea, have writers block, or are racing the calendar to the end of the month having something do even half the work is huge.

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          Ah that's great! I appreciate the support :) that's kind of you. Yeah that's a lot of content to be generated... I'm actually in the process of creating some more enterprise level features, such as a multi-team login, bulk copy generation (via CSV), and an auto XML file that you can download so that you can easily import into WordPress. It's going to be an exciting next few months!

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            Your target market has to be agencies doing blogging in bulk so yes I would prioritize group accounts with users inside the account. I would also scale up the pricing because you can do some back of the napkin pricing calculations and you're going to end up with a number that's going to be in that $99-$250/month range for a decent group and they will think that's a fair price.

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    Hey @richiemcilroy, I just got a paid plan. I gave it a quick shot and although it seem like it still needs some work, I'm pretty sure you'll keep on making it better. Looking forward to using it!

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      Thank you! :) glad to have you onboard! If you like, since there’s not much documentation available right now, more than happy to give you some tips on how to get the most out of the platform 🤞

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    You are building a great product Richie, congrats and keep going!

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    This is impressive. Hard to believe this text was generated. I wonder how gpa-3 affects black hat seo industry these days.

    For instance, not sure about now but in the past there was a type of websites completely generated with not very readable text but it still was working to rank in the google for a low frequency keywords.

    Now with this technology one can generate tons of unique text and rank in search engines in the same way for their so called “doorways” - this is how those websites were called.

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      Hey there! Would you be down to chat about joining my startups founding team?

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