Ideas and Validation March 28, 2020

Generating a market with GitHub

Michael Edgar @michael_edgar

I am working on an EDI processing product built on a parser that I have open sourced on GitHub ( The target audience of the parser (besides myself) is the enterprise Java developer looking to do light integrations using EDI.

Has anyone else used an open source project on GitHub (or elsewhere) as a way to drive potential customers to a paid product? Do you have any tips on getting users of the free version to upgrade? What is the best way to drive traffic to GitHub and improve a project's rankings, in your experience?

Finally - more directly related to my product - are there any Indie Hackers looking for an EDI solution to integrate B2B with another company that requires the use of EDI? EDI software is typically relatively expensive and I am looking to find customers who would be happy with a solution that is simpler (bare bones) than many others currently in the market. Does this seem like a valid product?

Thank you!