March 27, 2019

Germany: Which recurring billing platform to use for subscription SaaS?

Hey folks, I was wondering which of the many many domestic and international recurring-billing platforms to use if you're running a German company (Einzelunternehmen right now, UG in the future).

What I need to be able to do is to have a hosted payment page and take payments from internal customers (DE, EU & non-EU) via the usual routes (CC, Swift, SEPA, etc), but also to have "offline" invoices on an annual basis. Couple that with the fact that I have to create an EÜR at the end of the year and have to post UStVa every month right now, and file German taxes at the end of the year.

I was wondering which platform best enable this workflow. So far I've looked at Chargebee and Stripe, but only superficially, so I'm hoping for some first-hand experience.

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    I (Austria) also use chargebee on top of stripe. chargbee offers a lot of options, while being yet easy to use. And since you don't pay until you reach 50k in revenue, it’s perfect for indie hackers imo

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    We use Chargebee on top of Stripe as the processor.

    There is a lot of flexibility in Chargebee and I'm pretty sure they handle just about all the use cases you mentioned.

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    I'm in Switzerland as an Einzelunternehmen right now. I'd go with Stripe, they have great local representations, can pay out to your bank account directly and doing subscriptions (incl. disputes / refunds) is super easy. They also provide some basic tax forms and look into compliance for you. Fees are reasonable as well.

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    I don't have experience with them, but have in my bookmarks also - I saved them becasue they accept payments from a lot of countries, but mostly because Stripe is not yet active in Poland.