Get 1000 $ in AWS credits for your SaaS product

Dear Fellow Hackers,

I received 1000 $ in AWS credits easily by applying for AWS activate and I was amazed how easy and fast the application process is. I can highly recommend it. You can easily grow your business and application with this kind of free money.


  1. Login to your AWS account and click on this link
  2. Select "Founders package" -> Get Started
  3. Check "Apply credits to my account"
  4. Fill out your basic company information
  5. Fill out your team information

That's it 🙂

I have also created a Medium post which explains it a bit more in detail with screenshots on that if you want to checkout it out.


PS: If you want to more about building SaaS products on AWS, consider following my twitter 😊

  1. 2

    It's pretty easy to apply for $5K credits.

    1. 1

      Ouh thats nice. What is the process exactly?
      I know that there was some opportunity with ProductHunt's founder club but I think that doesn't work anymore.
      Happy to know more about that. 😊

  2. 2

    Thanks for sharing.. I got the active credit last month & thinking to write a blog post regarding that.. but happy to see you already did that. This will help bootstrapped or self-funded makers a lot. $1000 for 2 years is not a small deal for the small founders like me.

    1. 2

      Thanks and sorry for doing it earlier, but you can still create it to remind people to get the money for free🙂

      Yes I think it is amazing that AWS is just giving you the money for free. If you build your application in a cloud-native way the money will hold so many users.

      And the good thing, with that kind of money there is no excuse for having proper dev, staging and production environments.

      1. 1

        Hi you did the right thing to do it earlier.. so many makers can learn about it earlier. Cheers my friend.

  3. 2

    Very useful post on medium.Thanks

    1. 1

      Thanks, really appreciate it :-)

  4. 1

    And i was happy with my $100 in DigitalOcean :(

    1. 1

      All free money is great 😃
      After the 100 $ it is time to come to the AWS side 😉

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