Growth July 13, 2020

Get in your customers' head with these 3 questions

Max Asper @Maxsper

Achieving sustainable marketing success is NOT easy.

It’s even more difficult when you’re new.

Today, we’re sharing a secret that will get you the marketing results you need. It’s worked pretty well for us at Phlywheel.

The secret is simple: be a customer mind reader.

A customer mind reader? How in the heck do you become that?

Easy. Ask yourself these simple 3 questions about them:

Question 1: Where do they hang out, exactly?

Offline or online. Where do they gather? This will tell you a lot about the type your customers are. For example, if they're on Instagram, then they are probably people who value visuals. If they are on Reddit, they are probably champions of the internet and comment sections.

Question 2: What are their deepest interests?

If you want them to be interested in you, invest in what they are interested in. If they know you care about the same things they do, they are more likely to trust and be attracted to you.

Question 3: What are they passionate about?

I know this sounds similar to the previous tip but it’s a little different, I swear. While interests are broad, passions are specific. For example, they may be interested in Disney movies, but they are passionate about Woody from Toy Story. Using Woody in your communications (ex. a well-placed meme or gif) will then help to turn them into your biggest fans.

Once you discover the answers to the above 3 questions, you will know exactly what makes your customers tick. And as a result, you will know exactly how to market to them and make them say:

alt text

I hope this helps! Phlywheel launches tomorrow, we invite you all to check it out:

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    Great list @Maxsper! I'd add a few others:

    1. Who or what influences them?

    Do they read magazines? Newspapers? Do they follow certain thought leaders? If they are part of a tight community, who in that community do they trust? This would also include their values...which is even deeper than passions or interests. Would your product having a sustainable angle influence their purchase, for instance?

    1. What are they doing now to "solve" for what you're trying to solve?

    @Aprildunford once said on our podcast "Your real competitor is probably a spreadsheet or an intern." It's so true! If you can understand what your customers are doing to solve their "Job to be Done" you can probably find a way to message in a way that helps them solve it better.


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      Thanks for those additions! We'll be posting more about JtbD this week ;p

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    Great insights. Thanks for sharing!

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      Anytime :)

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      thanks! I do ux research so yes these are spot on

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    These are awesome insights!

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    Great distinction between interests and passions!

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      Thank you! :)