Growth April 16, 2020

Get new users by requesting app reviews following positive interactions with your product

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Don't miss out on the ripest opportunities to generate social proof for your company. Right after you've provided value, request feedback in-app.

@CristianDobos of Deepstash got 260% more app reviews when he implemented an in-app modal that requested a review once the user had experienced a high-value feature (in his case, when the user saved 5 ideas and made a "stash"). No joke, their download-to-rating ratio is now double that of competing apps. And here's why that's important: More reviews led to better rankings, which led to more downloads (peaking at about 4,000/day), which led to more reviews and so on.

Even if you're not using a marketplace like Google Play, this can work for you — it may not increase your rankings but it will provide valuable feedback for a better product, as well as testimonials for that oh-so-important social proof.

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