March 30, 2019

Getting set up.

Will Hankinson @SimianLogic

I went to a meetup kind of by accident last week, so now I'm running through getting things set up here. I usually post sales stats on Twitter, so I'm not new to sharing. Will try to swing by here and share more often since this community seems more geared to that kind of stuff.


I've been averaging $3,500-$5,000 in gross revenue since taking over the business last June. I dipped a bit in a few keywords this month, so that number might go down a bit.

Current large tasks:

  1. Rewriting the backend render process (which will hopefully make preview renders go faster AND decrease the amount of time I spend on maintenance).
  2. Marketing automation -- setting up a welcome sequence, cart abandonment sequence, post-purchase sequence.
  3. Knowledge Center -- working on some longer evergreen articles that I can use in the above email sequences.

I consider these sort of "strong foundation" tasks that--once complete--will allow me to mostly focus on lower-effort operational tasks like the newsletter/blog and adding new intros to the site.

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    Where did you obtain this business? I read your interview and I think I might be similar to you, I like to do my own thing, but I'm definitely more interested in optimizing an already profitable business than I am interested in starting from scratch.

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      I used FEInternational and would recommend them.

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    This is brilliant. I love the way you get people to take ownership of the product so by the time they finish their customizations it makes perfect sense to make the purchase.

    I'm starting a YouTube channel soon so have bookmarked your site. Great work.

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    Looks good, will try your services.

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    Sounds like a solid action plan for building your foundation!

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    Thanks for sharing Will, great to hear things are going well so far! There’s actually some crossover here with one of my business’s - - a micro stock ae template site. Be great to find out more about where your at and see if there’s an opportunity to help each other.

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    Welcome to the community Will. I also joined two weeks ago. I used to share on my social media but stopped a long time ago. Now I feel I must start interacting more.

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    This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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