September 30, 2019

Getting to 100 app users (!)

Oliver Mitchell @olimitchell

We're currently in TestFlight for Moneycado, an app for sharing group expenses that links directly with UK bank accounts.

I've always been shy about user acquisition. so I'm sharing publicly the actions I'll be taking to get 100 people interacting with the app. We're seeking UK residents with iPhones who are travelling with friends in the next 8 weeks.

Things I have done:

  • Collected 700+ emails
  • Built a landing page to collect phone numbers (can verify if UK-based easily)
  • Setup basic social channels
  • Posted on community Slack channels (London tech/fintech communities)

Things I will do:

  • Post on community Facebook groups (e.g. Kiwis in London, Aussies in London) with small give-aways for initial users
  • Create a series of videos of WhatsApp chats where people are struggling with group expenses ("Should have used Moneycado!)
  • Setup funnel tracking with Amplitude to see how people are interacting with the product's onboarding
  • Write a blog on why we built Moneycado, and why we think it helps people have better holidays
  • Start a fortnightly newsletter to our email list on tips for group travel

If anyone here wants to have easier group holidays, here is the TestFlight download link:

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