Ideas and Validation May 22, 2020

Give away domain with source

Kishore @prakis

Recently @schoon posted a nice article My Domain Name Portfolio

I have few domain names and side projects which I am not able to spend time. So I am thinking of giving away some of these. If you think you can use it for a nice idea or improve it, you can have the domain and the source code free.

The first one I'm giving away is Markdown.Site
I will be happy if you write a little description below about what you want to do with this domain.

@lee_in_perth If you think this domain will help you for your idea, feel free to take it
Knowledge base article creation - useful or throw it out?


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    I love the idea! Might as well give @lee_in_perth a shot at building something rather than just sitting on it. This is why I love this community of Indie Hackers.

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    Thanks! It's very generous, and an awesome thought that an abandoned project could come back to life. I'm still figuring out if anyone would pay for a product in that space - I think your source and domain would definitely be useful to me if it is! If no-one is grabbing it in the next few days, I will take up your offer!

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      If I wait for few days I am sure I will forget it :)

      I will transfer it to you now, If you think its useful you can renew it, unless drop it.
      Send me your email, my email is available on my profile page (currently this domain is on my namecheap, if you don't have an account on namecheap I suggest you create one quickly and share your username[I heard namecheap to namecheap transfer is reliable and less overhead]).

      Domain names are always cheaper compared to the source. I think this project source is available on bitbucket or github. I will check it and add you as collaborator. (Site is currently hosted on Netlify). I can also give you some suggestions on how to improve the performance.

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        Got it 😂 thanks!

        I have a namecheap : leeryan and a github : leeryantech

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          I transferred it. Let me know once its on your name.