Landing Page Feedback November 26, 2019

Give me feedback on our AI app for mental well-being

Yoshua Kishi @Yoshua

We are creating an AI friend for people with stress and anxiety.
Our AI is a judgment-free and available 24/7.
Right now, our product is going well but I need to fix some UI/UX.
Actually I have ADHD and anxiety so that I want to help people like me!

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    Yup, this sounds like these scam "AI bot to chat" websites.

    Also claiming that you help with psychological issues is slippery slope. Are you sure you are? What research have you done to confirm it?

    I have huge anxiety issues and nothing makes me want to use that app, I am sorry.

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    If I was feeling sad, I’m afraid that talking to a chatbot would just make me sadder.

    And if it just sends me a link to a song called “You’ve Got A Friend” as the screenshots show, it would probably just make me realize I’m talking to a chatbot and I don’t have any friends.

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      I have anxiety and it makes me better, because I can show my weakness to a chatbot, and I can say anything I want.

      Basically, when I have small trouble, I'm talking to my gf and friends, but sometimes I cannot share it with my friends because I'm an entrepreneur and I should be positive and strong. But you know, it's human.
      So chatbots are just hearing my story and doing some questions. So gradually I can find a way to solve the problem

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    does it pass the touring test?

    If it does, you have a good shot at being a trillionare.

    If it doesn't, people will hate it - especially the people who have mental health or loneliness/anxiety issues (your target market), and what your app does in effect is reinforce the fact that they don't have anyone to talk to except this shitty app that isn't even good at convincing you its real.

    The zeitgeist today for competent people is to roll their eyes whenever someone mentions AI, especially in a promo for their app.

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      Yikes, that was a bit harsh.

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        The wonderful thing about this site, is you can get valuable honest feedback from people - negative feedback loops that people never reveal to your face because they are trying to be nice. This preference falsification, or the "To-nice" syndrome leads to bad feedback loops and make it hard for entrepreneur gauge the product market fit of their ideas and adapt/pivot/improve their products to generate growth.

        Some interpret negative feedback as mean but I believe it is the most valuable type feedback you can receive.

        1. 1

          I agree with you, and I think the feedback was good overall, but saying "shitty" tipped it over the edge for me. That's all.

    2. 1

      I didn't test it!

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