Give me your landing page to tear down.

Hey folks,

I have some time on my hands. Send me your landing pages. I will audit them and offer you actionable tips on how you can make it better.


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    Thank you so much for doing this Shounak, please let me know how I can help you back

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      No worries Mario. I apologize for the late reply.

      I took a glance at your page and here is what I found:

      • The headline "Where people share their links" is nice. Maybe go into detail a little bit. In the subheadline you mention that it is a no-ad experience. So maybe try saying that "A social media built on privacy" or "Tired of having your data stolen only to be shown irrelevant ads?". What I;m hinting at here is highlighting the problem as a headline and then elaborating on that in the subheadline.

      • The next headline "Content from anywhere" reads very generic. Maybe highlight how is is different from Hacker News links or even different sub-reddits? What different feature is there present within Ripplr? If you need help on this step, you can email me ([email protected]) and I'll be happy to show you how you can do that.

      • The next "inbox" headline feels like a RSS feed for your inbox. Here the value prop could be "Don't waste hours on multiple sites signing up for updates from your favorite author - do it all here". Something along these lines. I hope you ctach my drift?

      • You can do the same for all subsequent headlines and body copy.

      Hope this helps :)

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        Damn, Shounak I really appreciate the effort you've put into this, thanks a lot. Just subscribed to your newsletter, looking forward to get more tips from you!

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      Few pointers:

      • make the headline a bit more benefit heavy or problem-oriented. For ex: Is your Problem XYZ hurting your product? The idea is that you want to stop your user dead in their tracks because you are mouthing exactly the problem they are going through.

      • make the CTA a bit more non-generic. Something like "Ship better products" or something like that. The trick here is to show them the after-effect of using your product.

      • I would replace the headline " Not your average PM tool" with something more benefit heavy. Does it increase sales? Does it save time? What's the value prop that the user will gain and then translate that into a benefit.

      • Your copy is too "we" focused. "We built XYZ from the ground up etc etc". Make it "you" centric. Speak to the customer.

      Just a few observations I had loking at your page. I really liked your design and the whole website flow. The transition is pretty seamless. Good job!

      If you need more help or just another perspective, feel free to reach out through Twitter, email etc. Happy to help :)

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      I like your website. Clean and precise. I would change the emoji in your FAQs though, that particular emoji doesn't fit there. 😅

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    My latest project. Would be great to hear your feedback: https://www.abstractlab.co/

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      Hey Felix.

      Very interesting project - I love it!

      A couple of thoughts i had:

      • "Spice up your work with illustrations" is good. Since it is geared towards non-designer noobs like me, I would write something like "Sick of being held by your lack of design skills?" would read better.

      • The sub-headline could then be an extension of that idea and say "How am I fulfilling the promise I made in the headline?" . Assuming I'm going with the first headline option above, the subheadline could look something like this: "Get access to professionally designed illustrations for the price of a coffee".

      • Direct the CTA to the Gumroad landing page.

      • Maybe give a few (5-6) teasers within the "Mono" theme and add a CTA at the bottom saying "Unlock the remaining for 3$"then direct them onto Gumroad.

      • The point here is rather than saying we have 15 illustrations, show them 5 and then tell them "get the remaining 10" by paying. Something like that.

      • Create pre-order Gumroad pages for the upcoming illustrations.

      Hope this helps :)

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      Hey Harish,

      Disclaimer: I don't have much know-how about react js so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

      • The headline "Accelerated development for..." is great but the term "accelerated" is undefined. What do you mean by that? Will they save more time? Will they save lots of other dev costs? Clarify that bit and frame it within the headline.

      • The "Features" section is too wordy in my opinion. Make it a bit benefit heavy. Tell the users what they would gain rather than just about the product. (My lack of technical expertise is why I can't give specific feedback here :/)

      • I would make all the features into specific value prop sections and direct them all onto a CTA.

      • You have misspelt SaaS under the section "Download"

      • take apart the elements in the "What you get" section and create benefits out of it.

      Hope this helps :)

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        Hey Shounak, great pointers! Thanks for taking the time to look through, will work on the feedback :)

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    I might be late to the party! I just launched https://writephobia.com . Would love to hear your feedback!

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      Very interesting idea Burak! I think Pieter Levels did something similar too when he built 12 apps in 12 months.

      Anyways, here are my 2 cents:

      • The headline could be reworked as "Tired of setting writing goals and not achieving them?" or something along these lines. The intent being that people have a problem executing on their motivation. It's a powerful emotion so tap into that.

      • In the subheadline you can then say "how am I fuilfilling the promise made in the headline". In your case, it is "pay money when you miss a day"

      • maybe you could say "We make money when you lose" in one of your value prop sections. and then elaborate that they lose money when they miss a day of writing.

      • Another value prop is the community bit - extend on that "losing money bit" . Something like "save your dollars by joining an accountability group" or something.

      • Make your CTA a bit funny (since it is a fun challenge) - like "The bet is on!" or something like that. Just to encourage a bit of friendly banter.

      Hooe this helps :)

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    Thanks for doing this Shounak! I’m always wanted someone with a marketing background to review it for me.


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      No worries man - happy to help in whatever way I can.

      Right. Time for some roasting!

      • The headline "Digital creators platform" is super vague. The subheadline reads "Blackish helps digital creators find inspiration, sell their work, and grow their businesses". From the subheadline I see that you're saying that creators will find inspiration and sell their work better. How about you say " Are you a creator struggling to find inspiration and make money online?" Hits right in the sweet spot.

      • Replace the sub-headline and follow this syntax: "How does Blacksih fulfil the promise made in the headline?"

      • There are a few grammatical errors in your copy. Rectify those.

      • Finding inspiration is a value prop right? What problem is this value prop solving? mention it in the headline that now reads "A social platform to discover and find inspirations"

      • The all in one platform for creators is also very vague. Find 3-4 value props --> benefits --> problems and put it in your body copy. You're all set then

      Hope this helps. If you need more help, you can email me at : [email protected]

      We can expand on it there.

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      I think there was a recent ABC network TV show by this name - in starting a new business I don't think I'd pick a name that was used prominently somewhere else.

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      I like the headline - very clear on what your product does. I would add "To PDF and HTML" at the end. Your sub-healdine is a bit wordy. Just say "we convert 20+ file types to Pdfs and html". Even better if you can add a benefit in there. Maybe tell them how much time they would save? or how much money they would save?

      You mention that developers waste a lot of time setting up their own libraries. Try leading with this problem in the headline and chuck the "About us" headline. Add a few details in the body copy and you're set.

      Hope this helps :)

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      Hey Steve.

      So a couple thoughts I had:

      • Your headline and sub-headline is great.

      • The value prop being "get your startup in front of investors" is great. Maybe elaborate on it a little? maybe something like existing status quo makes it hard for founders. They rely on networks, cold emails etc which are not scaleable. We solve that for you. Mentioning something along those lines will firm up your headline and subheadline.

      • The headlines "promising founders" and "exciting new startups" etc does not seem to sync with the body copy. Maybe delineate what problem themes the bullet points are solving and then highlight those themes in the headline.

      • Your pricing tab is too far out to the right. Very easy to miss it. Put it in the centre.

      • Also it appears there are too many green ticks in there. Maybe reduce the number and replace a few with short paragraphs. Will add a bit of rhythm to the whole copy.

      Hope this helps :)

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        hey Shounak, wow thank you, these comments are really helpful and make sense. Along with others I am going to make some changes. Have a great day!

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    (I know it's a lot of work to review all these sites, so feel free to say "no" at this point. Thanks in advance!)

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      Haha yeah demand >> supply for sure lol. Anyways, Here are a few thoughts on your page:

      • "Focus. get it done" is too vague. Try replacing it with something more concrete. "Get x% more done" or "get back X% of your time from your day". or "Say goodbye to mindless distractions so you can increase your productivity by x%". etc etc. The trick here is to make the headline objective and measurable.

      • Another thing to keep in mind is positioning. Other apps like Forest exist so try to differentiate yourself from others in your body copy. maybe say "Forest does X but we do X and Y" or "Forest does X but here's what wrong with it".

      • "Automatic tracking" is a feature. Rather say "Did you know you waste X hours per day just stopping, starting and resetting timers?" and then enter the body copy.

      • "know your time" is super vague. Something like "See where your time goes" or "visualize your time so you can make each moment count". You get the drift.

      • Same principle applies to the "budget" section.

      • "get early access" is generic. Show them what they gain from using your product. "Win back X hours of your day back" something like this would be better.

      Hope this helps :)

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        Thanks, it does help a lot! I had a similar headline to the one you suggest, but ended up with this one (because it's shorter). But you're totally right :)

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      Okay this page is super slick and concise.

      This is near perfect. I have nothing to roast here my friend - well done!

      I'll tell you why I like your page though. A toast if you will.

      • the headline is super clear on what your tool does.
      • You have shown the before and after effect of using your product.
      • you have shown them the steps to take to reach the after from the before.
      • maybe add one more CTA at the bottom? Along with a headline? That will really seal the deal.
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      • I really like the headline. Super crisp and leaves nothing to the imagination about what the product does.

      • Make the subheadline follow thsis syntax: " Here is how my product fulfils the promise I made in the headline".

      • The headline "chart creation" is too vague. The value prop is one of customization + ease. Say how they can create all kinds of charts and are not restricted to one. Whatever visuals they want to create they can. Only limit is imagination.

      • The second part "paste Iframe into HTML" is too explanatory. Don't write how they would do it. Show it via a video or something. Write about the time they will save, the clients they will acquire (after having seen the charts and whatnot), the ease of creating charts etc.

      • In your testimony, Aditya says that it took hima week to learn chart.js. Use that in your copy "Dont spend weeks learning how to build charts. Build one in less than x minutes". Something like this. You get the idea.

      Hope this helps :)

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    Thank you Shounak!
    (It's still WIP, so clicking on other pages won't do nothing, but the landing page considered almost done)

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      A few points:

      • The headline is super generic - "Turn your passions into profits" could be true for someone wanting to be an indie musician to someone wanting to teach scuba-diving. Make the headline benefit heavy.

      • In your FAQ you mention how you're different than Gumroad. Put it in the middle and say how you're different than Gumroad and what gaps Gumroad is leaving open that is harming creators and how you are filling up those gaps.

      • Why tway is the best place to sell your services can be replaced with a benefit that creators will receive or say something about your credibility and why they should trust you.

      Hope this helps :) Best of luck!

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        I really appreciate you took the time to give this detailed explanation

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    Plz tear it down to pieces and slam with a hammer. Thank you for doing this!

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      Hey - tried to but...

      I don't know much about NFT and its context. Speaking as a layman, I did not understand about the platform and what it does. I mean it does make sense - it is assuming that the reader knows about NFTs which I don't.

      So I'm not sure I can help you out here to be honest. Although I must say the website is super well-designed and full of trippy visuals! I love it!

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        Thank you for the feedback! Would you use it for let's say art discovery?

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      So a few thoughts:

      • The headline "Empower your users by onboarding them better" is good. Empowering is a vague word though. Onboarding is important. But why is is important? Maybe customer loyalty? customer retention? How does your tool help with this? What sucks about the existing onboarding now that you are trying to solve? your headline will be better if you answer these questions.

      • In the subheadline, follow this syntax - "how is the product fulfilling the promise I made in the headline?"

      • You're using onboarding, adoption and retention too many times. how does your customer's onboarding improve after using your tool? If your customer is Zoho for example, think about how Zoho will want to feel after having used your product. What problems exist that is hurting Zoho from increasing its customer retention? tell them how you solve that problem.

      • break these down into 3-4 themes and write 3-4 headlines and body copy highlighting these themes.

      Hope this helps :)

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    Thank you guys for submitting your landing pages - little overwhelmed going through these many pages lol.

    But rest assured I will go though all of your pages and get back to you - it might take some time but I will get back to you.


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      21 more pages to teardown!

    1. 1

      You got it! Right - some pointers:

      • I like the headline. it's catchy and concise but its easy to forget. What I mean is look at the probel you're solving from a first principles angle. Tracking workouts is a pain right? They're paying all this money for different tools but they're not getting bang for their buck? Try putting in the major problem your product is solving in the headline and get right to it.

      • "try for free" CTA can be replaced by something more action-based. Show them the after-effect of using your product.

      • I like the body copy under "bring your own exercises". However the headline doesn't sync with the body copy. Something like "manage, track and design your own exercises" would ring better.

      • I love the product graphics. Super slick !!

      • "create a program efficiently". It's a feature. What will the user gain from creating a program efficiently? Write that in your headline.

      • The "Train hard, train smart" bit reads a little generic. Maybe try altering it a bit.

      Hope this helped?

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        Sorry for the delay.

        "create a program efficiently." It's a feature. What will the user gain from creating a program efficiently? Write that in your headline.

        This is the hardest part of creating a landing page. How do I translate a feature (why it was built into the application) to a value proposition (what they get out of it)?

        The "Train hard, train smart" bit reads a little generic. Maybe try altering it a bit.

        Yea, that was most certainly a 0300 choice of words.

        The CTA is generic because the action is generic. I've come to realize that this is not good. Currently, once the visitor clicks one of the CTAs, they're shuttled off to the registration page. Now they have to switch their mental context to email addresses and passwords.

        No, I want you the think about the action you attempted to take.

        The next iteration of the app and landing page will go something like this.

        • CTA: Plan your next workout (or something)
        • When the user clicks the link, they're sent to the program editor with the appropriate onboarding.
        • no login
        • no registration
        • no friction

        Thanks for the feedback, It most certainly helped.
        Also, I'm pleased that you didn't have anything to say about the design. You should see the first iteration. ;D

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        That was great, will do necessary changes. Thanks a ton for the time to dig in details and give a feedback.

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      A couple of observations I had:

      • Your headline and sub-headline (The above the fold bit) doesn't quite communicate what Truffle is. Maybe it's just me but I couldn't understand whether it is a Crisp/Drift type tool or a employee tool.

      • Your body copy is also fairly long and wordy. Try making it a little shorter and concise. "Truffle uses them to help your team at just the right moment" - how does it do that?

      • Try answering questions like "What do you know about my problems? Why do you think that Truffle will help me solve my problems? "in your body copy.

      Hope this helps. Cheers mate!

      1. 1

        I updated the site based on your changes, I think your feedback really helped. Thanks again!

        PS let me know if I can return the favor somehow :)

        1. 1

          No worries. Glad I could help :)

          Since you wanted to return the favor, it would mean a lot if you subscribe to my newsletter - http://marketcurve.substack.com/

          I share such landing page tips each week - based on solid scientific principles.

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        Thanks so much! Really appreciate the feedback :D

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    It will be great if you could advise on how to improve this

    1. 1

      Hey Sreekanth!

      • First off, I'm unsure what "moment" means. It's present in both the headline and sub-headline but it's undefined. Try defining it or replace it with something else that captures the essence of what you're trying to say.

      • "Get Twitter mentions, Facebook recommendations, Google and Trustpilot reviews directly in your feeds" - What is feeds? maybe something like a "single place of truth" for all your XYZ needs is better?

      • 'Respond to reviews and mentions from one place. Showcase why others trust you by embedding them on your sites" - Why is this necessary for the user to do? What will he gain? Time, more credibility, greater trust? etc etc. Whatever it is, put it in there.

      • "Everything at your fingertips" - This is super generic. Could mean anything really. Make it specific and benefit-heavy and elaborate on it in your body copy.

      • Use data from the "Why it matters" section in your headlines and body copy. That will deifintely help increase conversions.

      Hope this helps ;)

      1. 1

        I'm so thankful about this feedback. Thank you for your elaborate feedback and time taken to check my site.

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      Hey - so here a couple of pointers I have for you:

      • "Discover best real app designs" - this is nice but maybe think about how these designs will help them. Maybe they're struggling with inspiration? Or struggling to see in their minds eye what they want their app to look like. These are what they will gain from buying your product. Show them what they will gain.

      • I like the idea of putting all your apps on the page itself. Although it reduces friction to engage with the product directly, there is a chance your users will suffer from information overload.

      • I would suggest writing a few more value props in your copy and then creating a section saying "Take a look at some of the apps you can build with Foxy" and then lead them onto the template page.

      Hope this helps :)

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      Hi Camellia.

      So a couple of pointers:

      • Filter, curate and share reads very vague to me. Maybe something along the lines of "You know how you're just bombarded with stuff? I take in all the noise on your behalf and tell you what matters so you can do XYZ with your life". This is more benefit-oriented and tell's the reader what they will gain from subscribing to your newsletter.

      • rather than saying "I read for 112 hours", try saying how many articles or books you end up reading and then say "each week I distil XYZ number of books into your inbox free of cost".

      • Share a few samples of past issues to help your customers get a feel for what they can expect from you.

      Hope this helps :)

      1. 1

        Wow! It is absolutely helpful! Thanks a lot for your time and effort! I'll make the change accordingly!

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    Would love to get some feedback on my newsletter landing page:

    Thanks so much! :)

    1. 1

      Hey Saksham

      I really like the layout - super crisp and informative.

      However, one point you can try to make in your copy is how are you different than the millions of SEO newsletters out there?". Are you differentiating by way of strategy? research? format? your specific expertise? etc etc.

      Find that out and then ensure that the copy on the page expands on that idea.

      That will make it super comprehensive.

      Otherwise great work!

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      So a couple of pointers:

      • I like the headline "Free salon appointment software" - very clear and to the point. maybe add a benefit there? something like "Save XYZ hours" alongside the headline?

      • Since you already mention "save time and money" in the sub-headline, bring it up in the headline instead. Adn for the subheadline say "how your product helps customers save time and money".

      • The second part of the copy (automate the hassle...) bit needs a headline. maybe something like "Tired of keeping track of appointment reminders?". And then write a small paragraph on how you solve that problem.

      • do the same for all subsequent paras.

      • replace headlines like "reminders", "Google calendars" with more benefit-heavy and problem-focused headlines.

      • The blogging section is too large man. Follow the same principle as mentioned above.

      • maybe add a couple of testimonials right before the pricing tiers?

      I hope this helps :)

    1. 2


      So a couple of thoughts I had:

      • The learning app for future doctors is good. It lacks a benefit however and a value prop. Maybe something like "ace your MBBS exams for as little as X minutes a day" works better?

      • The subheadline then could be a function of the headline and say "Here is how Docemy fulfils the promise made in the headline".

      • The 4 feature tips appear redundant to me. I would make the headline cater to a specific corresponding benefit or problem. Eg: replace "highly productive" with something like "Sick of watching boring lectures all day with nothing to show for it?" and then bam! add the corresponding solution in there and you're in business.

      • "one app multiple benefits" is super vague man. Highlight either (a) a benefit or (b) problem or (c) solution.

      • Follow the same thing for subsequent sections (short videos, expert lectures etc)

      Hope this helps :)

    1. 1

      Hey Matthieu,

      • The headline is good but maybe something like this could work? "Your non-technical skills could increase your salary by x%" Then in the sub-headline you can elaborate on that and say "technical skills are not enough" and then add why it is not enough (b) why soft skills are important and (c) what effects will the reader see by learning these soft skills.

      • For (b) and (c) you can create separate value prop sections with a corresponding headline and sub-headline.

      • After that, you can add the "this book will help you...." bit.

      • Another tip is: You can break down the elements in the above section (for eg: cognitive biases) and create separate value props for it with a CTA that will lead to a pre-order page or something.

      • Maybe add a few testimonials too?

      I hope this helps :)

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    Hello Shounak,

    Thanks for the offer!

    Here's the landing page of my Dev Concepts e-book collection: https://dev-concepts.dev

    1. 2


      So a couple of pointers I had:

      • The "sudo make me a software crafter" is a nice play - maybe make it the CTA button and link it to the payment portal?

      • Add some value prop sections in the page. For example, you can say "Don't go into debt learning how to code" or a similar pain point that your book is trying to solve. Make 3-4 of these value prop sections and attach a CTA at the bottom linking it to the payment page.

      • maybe add a couple of testimonials in there too?

      Hope this helps :)

      1. 1

        Great ideas, I'll give that a try!

        Thanks a lot Shounak! :)

  12. 1

    Hey Shounak,
    please have a look.

  13. 1

    Hi Shounak,
    Thanks for this opportunity:)

    1. 1


      So a couple pointers:

      • Mention yoru main USP in your headline and address the main problem in your headline "Tired of working low salary jobs for years on end?" an then say how you solve that problem in the sub-headline.

      • There are a few grammatical errors (eg: If you are frustrating receiving offers will be "if you are frustrated...") Correct those errors and you're set.

      • Create more value props using the principle in the first point.

      Hope this helps :)

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot, Shounak.

  14. 1

    Hi Shounak,

    Would love feedback on https://wishmonk.co

  15. 1

    Would love some feedback. This is our PPC lander:


    Thanks so much! :)

  16. 1

    Here is it! Thanks for your offering!

    1. 1

      One quick tip. The contrast between the background and the headline is super low. Look at the image yourself and tell me if you can read it: https://i.imgur.com/E9c7shy.png
      You can check the contrast with Firefox: https://i.imgur.com/gr3s9YH.png

      After writing this post I opened your site in Chrome and realized that it looks good there. It seems that it looks wrong on Firefox only. I hope this post will be helpful anyway :)

    2. 1

      it looks very professional, good job : )

  17. 1

    Hello, Thanks for doing this
    Site: https://indiemaker.tech

    1. 2

      Hey man!

      So a few pointers:

      • Your headline "The Ultimate Platform for Indie Makers" is super vague. What does ultimate mean? What's in it for them?

      • Try to frame all your headings and subheadlines in problem-solution format.

      • For ex: your CMS feature, you could say "Don't want to clutter your inbox but still want access to all your favorite articles?" then say how you fulfil that promise.

      Hope this helps :)

  18. 1

    Hello, Shounak.

    Could you separately give tips for two types of pages:

    Really appreciates your work, thanks!

    1. 1


      So a few pointers:

      • Your headline "Edit video online in 1 click" is nice but try making it more objective and benefit-driven. Something like "Are you spending 10+ hours making a 4 min vidoe?" and then in the subheadline you can expand on that by saying how Pixico makes that happen.

      • Rather than saying "Pixico tools" tell them "Here's what you can build in x minutes with Pixico"

      • "Online video editor" section is too wordy and feature-heavy. Follow the same thought process I mentioned in the first point and you'll be set.

      Hope this helps :)

    1. 1

      Hi Prateek

      So a couple of pointers:

      • Make the headline address a problem. In your case, it could be something about 'Want to get a second pair of eyes on your startup sales strategies?" and then introduce the platform.

      • try replacing the bullet pointers with 3-4 value props. Choose 3-4 value props within the bullet points. Then convert those into a short para (similar to the revenue experts bit) and drive them to take action on solving that problem.

      • for the revenue section bit, replace the headline with either (a) a benefit or (b) a problem or (c) a solution and then elaborate on it

      1. 1

        Thank you @getSB
        Where is this? - try replacing the bullet pointers with 3-4 value props.

        AND this? for the revenue section bit, replace the headline with either (a) a benefit or (b) a problem or (c) a solution and then elaborate on it

  19. 1

    Just launched my MVP — https://datafactr.co/ — and ready for some roasting. Thanks!

    1. 2

      Hey Howsun!

      • In the headline, maybe address a problem that current job applicants face in the AI space. I'm assuming they visit LinkedIn or other generic job boards and filter stuff out. So your product is giving them a customized solution and saving them time. Something like "Tired of wasting XYZ hours hunting for AI jobs on XYZ Platform?" Then enter the solution in the subheadline.

      • The rest looks good!

      Hope this helps :)

      1. 1

        Nice feedback! Thank you!

  20. 1

    Hey Shounak - thanks for the offer - https://revpilots.com/

    1. 1

      The page looks good. A few observations:

      • It appears too wordy and text-heavy. try breaking up the text blocks into separate value props that you can illustrate.

      • "We help early stage founders with sales". This is super vague. What part of sales? Why should yhour clients trust you? What's in it for them? how much mroe $$$ are they gonna make? Answer these in your headline and sub-headline.

      • Rather than listing down the different aspects of sales, present them in a value-prop kind of way. And address objections that your customers might raise.

      • Make sure these lists are easy to consume. Right now, this is very text-heavy and you're definitely losing out on a lot of clients.

      • Add some testimonies in there too.

      Hope this helps:)

      1. 1

        thanks for the feedback!

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