Productivity July 2, 2020

Giving back to IH tribe

Alex @alourie

To all solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers, designers and makers! I found the IH community incredibly useful and supportive for me personally, so this is my turn to give back.

If you find it hard to work alone, need positive reinforcement or just a few words of support - I'm giving that out for anyone who needs it. Post your thoughts, doubts, goals or whatever else you're struggling with, and I promise to read, relate, empathise, support and respond. You are not alone, and people are there for you, all you need is just ask.

If you find my comment helpful and your spirit uplifted, throw a good job or awesome, mate at someone else too, even if I already did.

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    I've found this community a lot better than any others. In my experience, people are always supportive and try to help.

    I've also started a community: GetAdvice to help other devs/entrepreneurs by having one-on-one calls and help out by giving free consultancy. I could share the link if someone is interested or just check out my profile

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      That's great, @gdi3d! Having a one-on-one chat for a consultation is a fantastic idea. I hope it gets big and useful!

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        Thanks, you're welcome to join! :D

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    Good job :)

    The community needs more givers.

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      awesome, mate ;-) :-D