Giving back to the community - Book me for a 30mins UX design feedback session for your project.

Hey all,

If you have a landing page, design mockup or ready to use product that you want design feedback on, feel free to book a 30mins call with me for this week!


Why am I doing this
One of my goals for the next 12 months is contribute actively to the indie-hacking community, and teach myself even more the value of giving back to the community I belong to. My goal is to make this a habit of my work routine. I've also started commenting on posts here but I takes too much time and it's hard to give design feedback this way. That's why I decided to do 3 to 6 remote review sessions every week and help fellow indie-hackers! This way it's more focused, interactive, and we can get into deeper design details.

About me
I am an 7+ years experienced product designer with engineering background. I built my own small design studio https://www.befoolish.co where I reached 120k annual revenue, I worked as the design lead for https://www.ticketswap.com a marketplace with more than 5 million users and I am now building my own products. I also document my journey to indie-hacking on a weekly basis http://getrevue.co/profile/jimzarkadas

Let me know what you think! 🙌

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    Very cool, check this out @NxAlessandro - very good idea for getting some ads reviewd

  2. 1

    This is awesome, I booked a spot and can't wait for your feedback!

  3. 1

    If this isn't too late, I've been itching to get trained eyes on mine: https://kritikos.app

    This is a great thing you're doing!

    1. 1

      Hey! There are still some open slots for July, feel free to book one there and we can discuss in detail :) https://calendly.com/jimzarkadas/design-feedback?month=2020-07

  4. 1

    That is so cool Jim! thanks a lot 💗👏👏

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    Also, this post goes straight to the pantheon of posts man. Great work and thanks for sharing your lessons with others.

  6. 1

    So cool! Booked tomorrow because I am launching soon (sh.. https://mindfulstimulus.com) Looking forward to meeting you and thanks!

  7. 1

    Sweet! Very cool of you to do this, just booked for Thursday. Keen to meet you!

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