Landing Page Feedback April 29, 2019

Giving thanks

Matthew Pierce @triangle

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone for their very helpful feedback on my update page last week :)

Thanks to @Optimaticc who pointed out that I was underselling the "Two months free" option.

Thanks to @NakoQuant who suggested that I segment my features. More can be explored here still, but for now, I'm pushing folks to the yearly plan by including the option to sell your art with us if you pay for the full year.

Thanks to @rjbrown3 who said I should move the pricing to the top, and ditch all the unnecessary images. It looks so much better! (Can't believe I put up what I had before :P )

Thanks to @louisswiss who commented about Pain-Dream-Fix. More can be expanded on this still, but I've hinted at the pains of censorship, and the dreams of freedom as well as selling your art.

Plus, I've included some social proof that Louis is always talking about. There's now a pretty great testimonial and a visual list of everyone that's joined the "Jam Squad" along the bottom of the page.

Last, but not least, I'm trying my hand at speaking directly to objections through and "Questions and Answers" section.

So thankful for this community, IH!


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    Happy to help and excited to see where this goes. Keep us updated!

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      Oh, I will :D