March 8, 2019

Goals and accountability = prescription for growth

David J. Phillips @davj

The process of thinking/setting goals and being held accountable has helped me find product market fit and grow in general. (I shared a bit of this in yesterday's OH.) I think many founders could benefit from setting a 3 month goal around one KPI, break it down into weekly goals for that KPI, and have someone hold them accountable (advisor, co-founder, friend, etc.).

Here's a template that I use:

Weekly email checkin template

3-month Goal: $X Revenue/mo by [DATE]

Goals for this past week:

-Revenue: [Yes/No]

This past week's Actuals:

Next Weeks Goals:

Why was/wasn't goal hit?

What will you do differently this week to hit goal?

  1. 2

    Awesome info, like many I am great at setting goals, not so much at tracking progress. Thanks David!

    1. 1

      Yeah I hear that, tracking makes such a difference!

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