Good or bad idea: email form for mobile users to be reminded trying out desktop app

So I had this idea. Here's the background:

I have a browser extension that works on desktop(chrome, edge, and brave). I also have a landing page where I drive traffic(some from paid ads). And while looking at the analytics(shout out to @markosaric plausible.io) of the traffic, I notice that, of course, more than half of the traffic is coming from mobile/tablets.

These users won't be able to add the extension from their phone/tablet. So my idea is to show mobile/tablets users an email-form where visitors can send themselves a reminder email for later viewing when they are in front of a desktop computer. The email address is never stored, so this is only an attempt to remind a few percent of visitors who might want check out the tool but forget to do so(I do this all the time myself).

My question is, first and foremost, does this make any sense whatsoever? is it a good or bad idea? And also, will I destroy my email reputation by putting a form like this on my site?

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    Hey! It sounds like a super good idea, but I would put some extra effort to prevent spam (honey pots or captchas).

    Are you thinking of providing this as a micro SaaS for other sites?

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      Great idea with honey pot/captchas, do you prefer one over the other? I hope a honey pot is enough.

      Doing a micro SaaS out of it also sounds like a great idea, did not think of that. Not sure of the demand for it though. The target audience would be "desktop apps only" -type companies trying to solve a leaky funnel.

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        You can start with a honey pot and then move forward only if needed ;)

        About the target... I guess you have the whole Chrome Extensions market place, isn't it? And the same but the other way around: the websites of mobile apps when visited on a desktop

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    Wow, that's just what I've implemented on my site.
    My idea came from checking the bounce rate per device on my site and seeing that 75% of the Facebook and Google display ad traffic is mobile with the worst bounce rate.
    Although I store the emails along with the UTM tags because I treat it as an experiment and want to learn whether it's a wise solution for the bounce problem. I will check the visitor to trial conversion rate of these customers, and I plan to share the results here in a week or two.
    I would be interested in your experience so please post it after you see where it goes!

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      Nice! would love to hear your results. I have now implemented the form, so I will also report back later with how it goes.

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    Haha, ironically, whenever I open something up on mobile that I need to check out on desktop later, I leave it open in a "check later" tab group on my phone. Sounds like I need tabExtend mobile to remind me about tabExtend desktop.

    Anyway, I suppose it couldn't hurt if you have no other primary calls to action on these devices. I like the idea :)

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      Haha, yes, it is quite ironic that it somehow relates to the product. My broken workflow on the phone goes like this: Read a newsletter -> open a link to a resource or tool that was recommended -> leave the tab open forever or until the phone crashes. Anyways great to hear your feedback, I was worried I was overthinking this as my head is always thinking about this shit.

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