April 24, 2019

Good places to share written content?

Harry Dry @harrydry

Most people share on Twitter, (sub)Reddits, Facebook, HackerNews. But are there any other goldmines for content aimed at startups, marketing coding etc ...


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    The key is definitely to find specific "watering holes" where your audience gathers in communities, and then be ACTIVE in those communities. That means you aren't just sharing your content there, but you're active in the discussion, offering valuable contributions when you can, and even when you do have a link to share that the person could get value from your post or comment even if they never click the link.

    But to do that, you need to know where folks are, and most of us only have a limited view of where people hang out online and then get stuck there! Places like IH, reddit, etc are good starts but by no means represent the whole or even the majority especially when you start getting more specific (which is important for your content to resonate!).

    If you're having trouble finding specific watering holes, I do have a few techniques that have worked well for using keywords, jargon, and other combinations of search terms to surface otherwise "hidden" (or simply not obvious to me) watering holes. That post includes a few steps and examples for unearthing stuff you never knew existed!

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      This comment itself is an example, nice :-)

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        Hahaha! Great point

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      thanks, Alex. Watering holes is a lovely way of putting it. Really good advice. And love the blog post

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      Any additional advice when it comes to sharing video content or is it the same process?

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        I'd say it's the same process except you have to provide even MORE value in the original comment to get people to click into a video, since videos ask for more time.

        I think of it as a virtuous cycle where:

        • Reader doesn't know you and therefore doesn't trust you
        • Reader gets valuable insight/info/fix then starts to trust you more
        • Reader is more willing to trust that your next offering is worthwhile, because you've already earned their trust
          ...and the cycle continues

        Each time through this loop demands more trust each time when a) the next request is greater than the last one (and trusting that your video isn't going to waste my time is a big one, since I can't skim it like I can with text) and b) it's been a while (including never) since the last valuable offering

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          This is also why YouTubers spend so much time and energy on their video thumbnails. That's basically the only opportunity they get to catch someone's eye and make them believe "there's something in this video that I want." For consumer audiences, that tends to be click-bait-y stuff, but for pro and pro-sumer audiences (especially things like gadget reviews and educational videos, for example) the focus is more on being clear and earning viewer trust instead of baiting them.

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            This is a really underrated point. I spent several hours, getting the image & title right for this. Made a huge difference

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          That both sums up some of my difficulties sharing my screencasts and gives a useful framework. Thanks!

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    I found that I get a lot of hits if my post gets covered in a newsletter. Bringing your content to a related newsletter author's notice can help. Specially if that is a popular newsletter related to your topic.

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      Have used this before and it's worked great. Thank you

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        In that case do you recommend cold approaching the newsletter creators/curators with your content? Do you have some strategies to bring your content to their notice?

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          here's what i did

          • research some newsletters
          • Read the newsletter for a bit / try and research the person who puts it together.
          • come up with some genuine reasons why your piece is a good fit
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            I am going to try to this. Thank you very much for your advice.

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    With Facebook, besides sharing personally you can also post to relevant groups.

    "Publish a post" on LinkedIn

    I also "fetch as google" in webmaster tools to make sure my version is indexed first.

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      yo, great links. Hadn't heard of inbound or bootstrappers. Thank you :)

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    If you have an article or a blog post you'd be interested in sharing with the IH community, we have a contribution page here: https://www.indiehackers.com/contribute#article

    What sort of written content are you thinking of? (Other than that hysterical Kanye story you sent our way already.)

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      haha. Thank You Halden! I know Indie Hackers is a great place. I've been meaning to reply to you're email bout the Kanye piece :)

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        Other than IH, I'm personally a big nerd for a good , old fashioned WordPress.

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      honestly all sorts. Lots of marketing related writing, a lesson in pricing. I'm a writing machine. Will be sending some ideas your way sooon :_)

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    Bplans.com accepts pitches for original how-to articles geared toward earlier stage entrepreneurs. Every article that's published is shared out through our newsletters. See pitching guidelines and the form to fill out for consideration at articles.bplans.com/authors.

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    Hi @Harry, I am fascinated at the way you are combining startups, marketing, and coding. I am launching my first business as a sophomore in college and I am taking much inspiration from you.

    I had an idea for a marketing and sales play that I was hoping to ask you about? Would you mind if I email you bout it?

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      Hahah! Thanks Amulya. Genuinely a lovely message. Just got your email.

      Interesting stuff. Will check out your company later on. Do you want to send the marketing / sales play in another email?

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        Hi Harry! Yes if that is alright, I will send it to you in another email :)

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    Reformatting your content as a Quora and linking to the could work well if done routinely, but it's a pretty competitive space.

    You might be better off pitching bloggers and journalists directly.

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      thanks danielf. good advice

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