Book Club February 6, 2020



Hey everyone,

I wonder if you use keep track of books you've read. What do you use? Goodreads or anything else interesting?

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    Have a section in my Notion workspace listing all completed books sorted by year. Each book has an independent page where I make notes while reading and upload kindle highlights.

    Also have a want to read list using a table. Use tags to organize books by type -- history, management, fiction, etc..-- and include relevant notes

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      +1 for Notion. I use a Kanban board to keep track of what im currently reading and ill write notes in a separate file.

      I was using Goodreads a while ago but I fell off, its not a great UX.

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        Yeah, same. Was using Goodreads years ago. Later moved everything just to plain files in my dropbox. now trying something different

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      Interesting way to store highlights and learnings from books. How often do you look at these notes? Or I would ask more general question, what is your process of going through book notes?

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        Use for daily highlight review. I review notes when working through a relevant thought/project. Process is sporadic but nice to have notes when needed.

        I use Notion as my personal wiki. Manage a lot of other things in Notion workspace in addition to book notes.

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      Yeah, seems like you have a great setup

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    It's not ready yet, but @bpica168 is working on something incredibly cool and beautiful for this. You can see more at

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      thanks for sharing this. Images of that app look absolutely amazing.
      I'm experimenting with reading app myself now, but I'm not focused on social aspect at the moment. Here is mine Would like to get feedback on that too. But for now mostly curious about problems people have with Goodreads.

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      Thanks for the shout out @heylorenzut! Just getting going on this but it will combine book tracking and bookclubs

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    Ehi Anton!
    I use Goodreads (my personal favorite), Anobii, Skoob and an app called Cabeceira (:
    Ciao x

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    I used to use a Trello board, but I've moved over to tracking this in Notion.

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    I've tried to keep track of it in one of the blog pages but found out that Goodreads way better. I guess "community effect" works better for me too.

    You can add me -

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    I wanted something like goodreads that is linked to my audible account.

    I stopped using goodreads because I was fed up of having to search for and manually add the books that I’d consumed via audible.

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      yeah, I heard that from other people too. It seems like audible has no API, so hard to build for someone else. I assume only Amazon can do that, since they own both goodreads and audible.

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        Which makes the fact that GoodReads cannot "talk" to Audible even more infuriating.

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          yep, I feel like lots of people complain for years about integration between Kindle, and Goodreads and Audible.

          So much potential, but not many things happened.

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    I'm using Goodreads. It help me to remember what I really like. At first I was writing reviews for each one I've read but after a year or so I stopped doing it.

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    I maintain a list on a page on my landing page. Just to keep track of the year, and maybe a few words or thoughts about them.

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      I would suggest doing the sorting option starting from the latest (2020) books at the top.

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        Sure thing! Good idea, thanks 🙏