Google core update - share your results

Google announced a new "December Core Update" - https://twitter.com/searchliaison/status/1334521448074006530

I have never seen such massive change (and it's positive for us!) in SERP so far. It's a great feeling after all the hard work by me and my team at LiveAgent. 📈

If you are doing any form of rank tracking, please share your results and we can analyze what were the reasons. 🤔

How did the update affect your ranks?
  1. Increased
  2. Almost the same
  3. Decreased
  1. 1

    Most of the time core updates won't have huge effects outside of industries they're targeting. And typically, if you get hit, there was definitely something happening that probably shouldn't have been and you can course correct.

    For example, in the health industry, lots of sites got hit and realized they probably shouldn't be leveraging their high authority to farm out $50/article writers to create thousands of medical-related articles.

  2. 1

    I found this post that has some cool resources for dealing with core updates. Might be useful for you :)

  3. 1

    Decreased around 30% May 4th core update. Recovered so far with this core update. Started seeing increases Thursday near midnight (EST).

    1. 1

      We decreased similarly during May. Check your ranks again, some queries improved today, most of them stayed the same, tho.

  4. 1

    We haven't noticed much of a change yet, although it's still early.

    On a sidenote, how did you create that chart? I love it!

    1. 1

      It's from Rank Tracker tool by SEO Powersuite which I use for tracking bigger datasets.

  5. 1

    No changes for now, but it takes one or two weeks to be fully live, so fingers crossed...

    1. 1

      For me some important queries improved today, most stayed the same. Let me know your progress.

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