March 12, 2019

Google OAuth verification process is quite long

Corentin @Frenchcooc

Hi 👋

We are trying to go through Google OAuth Validation process for an add-on we are working on, but it’s quite difficult!

It has started mid-January and we are still not there. We are using some “sensitive” scopes (Gmail one), so it kind of explained that it is taking so long. But still :)

Is anyone facing the same issue? Did something help to move forward?


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    I’m talking about that verification process :

    Without being approved by Google team, the OAuth flow shows a warning that the app is not verified...

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    Which verification? You're asking google to o_auth into gmail?

    I assume you're trying to read their emails?

    I was thinking of doing something like this to get users PDFs but to also (with their permission) send invites.

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      You're asking google to o_auth into gmail?

      While add-ons technically use OAuth, it's not the same as the for the Gmail API. Add-ons only get access to specific email messages on a thread-by-thread basis when the user launches the add-on while a thread is open. This is as opposed to the normal Gmail API, where apps get access to the user's entire inbox, or to Chrome Extensions where they also (currently) get access to everything the user views in their browser.

      It's still a huge process to get approved though, it goes through multiple rounds of QA and their engineering team audits every line of code. I'm also currently going through this for two add-ons I made, overall it's going to be a multiple month process.

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