April 27, 2019

Google SERP results and questions


I built a tool that searches on google and stores the results in DB. The results come from 161 locations, 95 countries. This tool has built for letting me know where I can promote my SaaS in a free but effective mode. I will share with you the results.
I searched 57 keywords in 161 locations, 95 countries. Tools should produce 14224 searches but 1264 are invalid. This means the accuracy is around 91.8%. The search produced 819375 links, but only 14214 are unique.
The 14214 links come from 5780 root domains. From 14214 links 2552 have google inside (usually books.google.xx), means 1/6 are google links.From 14214 links 431 are PDFs.
The domains with more occurrences in Google results are :
Linkedin - 379
Pinterest - 347
Facebook - 260
Medium - 64
Quora - 24
This is a preliminary report :) I will analyze more the results and I am thinking to make an infographic.
Do you think this can be a good tool for SaaS administrators who want to promote their SaaS app?

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    ahrefs.com and others dont do something similar?

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      From what I know aHrefs don't offer search results from different countries. Just indexing links with tier own crawlers.

      Somebody tell me that are tools offering the same things.

      I want to do more like an app (command line interface) for easily use that links. (See the link for understanding cli app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS6xDpuzGWQ )

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      Do you mean that @mangusta86 should stop, because someone else is doing « something similar »? There’s plenty of businesses that does the same thing as others :)

      I would say going into a market where there’s competition is a pretty good sign that people are already willing to pay for this kind of product. Which is not the case with tons of projects.

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        @Frenchcooc I was just doing an innocent question because the idea remind me ahrefs, plus its always good to check the "competition" :)

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    A 5-minutes pitch to describe how this works for an example would come in handy.

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      Thank you for your response.
      I will prepare my 5 minutes pitch but before that, I will try to explain the idea behind the tool.
      As anyone from this website, I have a SaaS. Because I don't have bug budgets for paid advertising I have to find a solution to promote my SaaS product. I have 2 options :

      1. Cold Emails
      2. Attract users to my website by posting in the places that can be seen by my potential clients.

      The tool is for the solution no 2.
      I assume my potentials client when they need a solution like my solution, go to Google and search: "Software for coworking spaces" or "coworking space software" or other keywords. I identified 56 keywords.
      After doing that they read what google serve. Google show results like articles, competitors website, links from communities like Quora, Facebook, Linkedin, others.
      After I have all the results in a table I will filter them and take one by one. If It's an article like "Top x solution for ..." I can send a mail and nicely ask if they can put my article on their list. if it's a community website I can post by my self my promo message.
      The tool can do more that simple search and analyze the results. I want to have multiple templates and help me with sending emails. (e.g: I tag the link as "Top x Article" and the tool send an email) or open automatically and close the link after answers to questions about the link. (Note: I build a semiautomatic tool for lead validation for cold emails and I decreased the time from 5-6 hours per 100 leads to under 1 hour. I want to do the same here).

      I think the solution is not important how is working from a technical perspective. Is important what problem solves.

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        OK, I understand and see the relevant task/work in this process - which caught my attention. I would use the tool right away if I understand the time saving potential, e.g. the benefit vs. Jjut googling stuff myself. Doing the E-Mails in the tool would be a great benefit

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          Yes. Look. I have a task with lead validation and made it manually. I decreased the time from 4-6 hours per 100 leads to 35-60 minutes.
          To be more precise look at the following video and you will understand better.

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            buzzstream does this very well

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