Developers June 30, 2020

Google sheets as a DB

Tom Walsh @tmwlsh

Howdy! I want to build a super simple MVP for a directory website idea that I've got. Ideally users would be able to signup, and then from their 'profile', they would be able to add a taxonomy of 'businesses'. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts, i'd be really happy to hear them!

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    I would use . Think that's easier to use and has some nice api features.

    Recently made a MVP for a glasses company. Used airtable for the backend. One tab for glasses which you can connect to other tabs just like taxonomies. We had brands and style. You can do a api request to brands, get all the brands and connected glasses. We had the api and a basic setup done in a couple hours.

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      Can vouch for Airtable. We're doing the same thing for managing customers. Just keep in mind that it has a 1,500 row limit on the free plan.

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        Same here, used Airtable multiple times for MVPs.

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    sheettosite ,sheetsu and chipmunk theme if you want to do wordpress.
    GatsbyJs has a google sheet as a source plugin if you want to try that

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    Airtable for DB and Zapier to connect it to the front-end.

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    The reason the title is google sheets as a db, is that i think that might be the simplest way!