Ideas and Validation July 4, 2020

GoogleSheets as a database


Hello IH,

Create a framework for any programming language to use googleSheets as a transactional database.

What it solves?
In many startups/companies there's this usecase of performing bulk operations, for which they make ingestions to populate the main database.

What are the drawbacks of the above approach?

  • Can bring the system down!! -> Due to an increase in operations being performed for each row, the ingestion can bring down the complete system.

  • Here the person doing the ingestion is the owner (not the developer), and if that person needs to change some values again then he'll have to do the ingestion once again (we make mistakes humans :D)

How does a google Sheet database help me?

  • The business owners can directly make updates to the sheet.
  • Google sheet provides a strong authentication and authorization settings.

Questions that might pop up in your mind!

  • What about joins? => VlookUp as a join can be implemented
  • What about my existing dbs? Is it possible to have joins between mySql and googleSheets? => Not sure if it can be done.

Who could be my target audience?

  • Very early stage startups
  • Mid Size Startups => (Usecase: instead of doing ingestions, the teams can update the google sheets and the framework can provide listeners for developers to make any changes in the system)

What's the epitome of success?

  • Hibernate for Google Sheets