June 10, 2019

Got 1.3k Upvotes on Reddit and 8k unique visitors for the last 16 hours. How would you monetize it?

Alex Ershov @aershov

Hi guys, I've recently redesigned one of my side projects called RentVsBuy.app that helps people to decide shall you Buy a house or Rent and Invest and totally blew up the /financialindependence subreddit. So far I've got 1.1k Upvotes and 6k unique visitors for the last 12 hours.

How would you monetize the service like that? I hate ads monetization model and lean towards some Pro version with additional features available (like printing pdf, unlock some parameters and etc). Would you also suggest to go for Mac/Win version of the app like that for one-time price and leverage existed marketplaces like AppStore and etc.? What do you reckon?

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    This is a pretty hot topic right now on both reddit and Twitter. Before making a decision on monetising, I would get an email newsletter form on your site as soon as possible to capture the traffic.

    Maybe something like "Email me this calculation" with a checkbox to add them to your newsletter as well. I'd use MailerLite as it's cheap, really easy to use and has a decent API. It's better than MailChimp IMO.

    If you have an email list, you have time to consider your options with monetising and see what the market are interested in.

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      It's very helpful, I think I could have a printable version of the calculation results as a nicely formatted PDF as a lead magnet. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Feature request:
    Add an option for other currencies.

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    Freemium is the way to go. Is it suitable for an app? Not, really. It's not something people do on a regular basis, neither it has features that couldn't be implemented in a website / webapp.

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    I wouldn't see the value in creating mac/win versions of this - feels like something best suited to a web app. (who would search the app stores for something like this?)

    As for monetisation - I can't think of a clear way just yet. the "pro" model seems appropriate - perhaps with ads for those who want to use it for free (maybe don't use an ad network so they don't get blocked by adblockers).