Building in Public November 23, 2020

Got 10 customers!

Daniel Burnette @DannyB

I just launched my premium version of The Scientific Meal Planner and posted it to reddit's r/plantbaseddiet and they seem to love it (

I'm at 10 subscribers mostly from this. Around 400 sign ups for the free version from just this reddit post. I think I'm feeling like this validates my idea and now I just need to focus hardcore on marketing for awhile. I'm going to spend the next month or two 100% on marketing efforts. I need something like 500 subscribers to actually pay my bills. Will be interesting to see if I can achieve that... and how long it might take. But I think I've drunk my own kool-aid enough to keep trying to reach that for like another year.

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    Great job!

    For people who think this is going to work for all sub-reddits though, think again. You'd probably want to spend some time hanging out there, feeling the "vibe" and how open to promotion they are.

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      Yeah I think I'm kinda lucky as it's definitely up against the edge of what's allowed/considered self promotion and all that. Either the mods are not active there or they just appreciate my thing because it's very aligned with the subreddit's ideals/mission and it offers a free version.

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    Congrats! This is awesome to see. Good luck on the road to 500 Dan!

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    This is a great milestone Daniel. Congratulations!

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    That's amazing. Good luck getting to 500 customers and beyond!

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    Nice response to that Reddit post, I don't think many people would get away with doing a post like that.

    Do you hang out there a lot?

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      I definitely read there a lot but I don't post a ton. I guess I comment sometimes. I think maybe I built up goodwill because I had another very successful post 8 months ago when I launched it as 100% free so people knew I originally tried that and maybe that made me seem less self promotional / spammy.

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