Building in Public November 20, 2020

Got 109 Subscribers to the waitlist

Md Salehin Khan @saleheen

Hello IndieHackers,
I am very excited to share that, I got 109 Subscribers to the waitlist of my Upcoming Product

I am quite new to Building in Public & IndieHacking, got the numbers in almost 2.5 months. May be its a long time for that numbers of early adaptors but for me its huge.

What is Spookey?

Spookey is a fully managed platform where you can deploy ghost blog with few clicks. All the technical aspects of managing a Ghost Publication like installation, backups, security, updates, SSL etc managed by Spookey. On other word you can say its a Ghost Pro Alternative at affordable price.

Follow Spookey at IndieHackers & Twitter to get the recent updates.

Your opinion, suggestions are much appreciated.


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    That’s epic! Definitely not in your target demographic, but it’s always super exciting when you get your first bits of traction 😄

    1. 1

      Totally agreed with you .. It's super exciting

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    I'm seeing some popular Ghost themes on Github, have you tried establishing an affiliate deal so they include you on their ReadMe? Saw some examples (like Cronitor) from various IndieHackers interviews who are successful with this.

    1. 1

      Hey thanks for the suggestion.. I will follow up

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    How did you managed to collect those emails? I'm always tempted to do the same, but then I assume nobody would sign up just seeing the landing page.

    1. 3

      Something I've had luck with for collecting mailing list sign ups is finding where your user's potentially hang out, and simply be a help contributor, and eventually/occasionally mentioning your product. If you can show to your potential customers that you're a helpful resource who isn't just trying to sell them something, folks are often eager to learn more about whatever you have on offer.

    2. 1

      You should start first... & most of the traffic I Got from IndieHackers & Twitter. Organic traffic is almost 0

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Hey thanks.. If you want to try this out I can arrange that for you.

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