Got #5 on ProductHunt! 🍕 $240 MRR 🙌

Hi IH, yesterday I launched RandomPizza on ProductHunt and got my first ever paid customers.. That was a wow moment for me. I've never built a product where people paid me money so this feeling is unlike any other.

I really want to run with this idea because I believe in it even if the idea seems silly. Please let me know your thoughts, the things you like/dislike, copy you hated, images you liked, UX you thought was bad etc. Thank you to this entire community! Don't know where I'd be without you all inspiring me.


RandomPizza was built without any code. I quickly hacked together a frontend in Weblow and shared on Twitter. Below are the no-code tools that gives RandomPizza life:

Webflow - Website
Gumroad - Subscription / Payments
Typeform - Data on Preferences / Form
Google Sheet - Database
Zapier - Pushing & Pulling Data / Automations

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    I love these new ideas of food subscriptions, cross-pollinating SaaS monthly subs model into the F&B industry. A new type of SaaS - sustenance-as-a-service haha

    1. 1

      Love that version of SaaS! Thanks for your kind words.

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    Now this is a funny idea! I don't think this product is going to make you a millionaire, but I can definitely see this making you some cash.

    How do you order the pizza? Seems like your margins are going to be pretty slim here if you have to buy the pizza at retail price.

    1. 1

      Margins are certainly slim right now 😅 The beauty of pizza is that there is a strong infrastructure for delivery even before these new delivery startups popped up. I am able to serve any customer who has a pizza joint near them (hopefully most people).

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