October 21, 2019

Got a landing page ? I am ready to test and give a feedback. Drop the URL below.

Sagar Khatri 🚀 INDIA @dssagar93

Drop the URL in the comments and I will give you a feedback as an end user on the basis of my experience.

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      Perfect page. Above the fold value prop is clear.
      The primary advantage for using Outlet is totally made on the site.
      The only thing I would suggest is placing numbers on the slider, because I totally didn't knew what would be the range and how much I need to drag. So add the numbers like
      $0 $5 $10 $100
      This way people can easily drag to the closest number and figure out the difference.

      Great job overall.

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    Hey thanks for doing this, I appreciate it :)

    Link: https://www.zigpoll.com

    Thanks again!

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      Above the fold is pretty good with clear value prop.
      In "Work smarter, not harder" section, the learn more button design should feel clickable.
      Otherwise what is happening right now is that I am clicking the whole box which is apparently not clickable. So users might not understand that the box is not clickable.
      Either the whole box clickable or learn more button with borders and stuff to make it looks clickable.
      "Launch pricing for a limited time!" feels like a button with a cloud indicating that there's something over here check out by clicking it. So suggesting to do something about it.

      I like the design and aesthetics of it. Cool job.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! I totally get what you mean, I'll make those changes today.

    2. 2

      I think the items under Shopify Integration should be clickable, not just the Learn More text.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback! I totally get what you mean, I'll make those changes today.

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    this is a brilliant post!
    here's mine: https://lunafi.co thanks!

    1. 2

      I see only half of the logo. I think there's a design issue. Do fix it.
      "We want your input ....", either trim in 5 words or totally remove it because above the fold should only focus on the value prop and nothing else
      Rest is good.

      1. 1

        Thank you so much Sagar!

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    Awesome initiative! We’re still spinning up but would be great to get feedback on https://zerodegrees.xyz

    Much appreciated!

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      I like the design and aesthetics.
      Add some illustration in the first section, since rest of the sections already have illustrations.
      "You're in good company" should be in the center instead on the left because other headings are already in the center.
      "Start no with 0 risk" - I think it should be "0% risk".
      "See the form now" should be something like "Start the company".

      Overall, good job with the design and illustrations.

      1. 2

        Love the feedback, thanks so much!

    1. 1

      Can you not show some samples on the website like what users upload and what your website turn those images into. It'll give them the depth and power of your algorithm to turn those images into art.

      1. 1

        Thanks! I'll try to make another landing page with a screencast showing how an image is created.

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      Nice design but no navigation bar, no section nothing additional to check out? Give some sense to your users by showing stats or present some facts about fitness or by letting them know how your website is helpful to them. It'll give users more understanding of your product. To me it seems like an incomplete page.

      1. 1

        It definitely need more content. Thanks for your feedback. I will work on the changes as soon as possible

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      Can you not add a line somewhere which says something like,
      "Discover new albums everyday" or some line like that?
      It'll give more sense to users on what the website is about. I do understand that the domain name make things clear but adding a line like that won't harm.
      Also you can add T-3 days album below your primary section so the users can checkout few of the past albums from the same page w/o redirecting.

      1. 1

        Great feedback, thanks for the help.

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    Thanks for doing this Sagar!

    Mine is: https://kvdb.io

    Great comments so far :)

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      The website is pretty good and doesn't require much modifications.
      Suggestion :
      "Get Started in 30 Seconds" is a very important thing and should be additionally there in the first section too.
      Good job.

  5. 1


    *(still under development)

    Thanks fellas!

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      Try to use good colors from the combinations that are commonly used.
      Say ‘Hi’ should be clickable and if it's a whatsapp thingy, then add a valid url which will open the whatsapp app on the users phone automatically. Same with the FB messenger.
      Don't make content too much lengthy, trim it and make it precise, should stick to the goal. Footer is sticky, not looking good. make it un-sticky.

      1. 1

        Thanks @dssagar93 for your valuable feedback! I am working on the improvements. Will get back to you guys once I make improvements :)

    2. 1

      The design is good but flawed. I can't say much If it's under development. Mostly you should check out other comments in this section, I am sure it'll help you.

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    Coming to the end and TL;DR with few takeaways.
    I saw each and every landing page of yours and you guys did a god job putting up things together. I am putting down a list of common problems I saw in the landing pages.

    1. Homepage IS NOT your landing page- Most of the people think that it is the same but it is not because landing page is something on which your very specific target audience lands form social network or any other source. Build different landing pages depending upon the target audience and target segment.

    2. Aesthetics - When you're designing your landing page, make sure it is aesthetically nice.
      If you have 5 sections and you add <h1> tag only in 3rd section and keep others /w the heading, it looks bit weird and the user might not understand what the section is about.
      Separate headings for each sections.
      Put same font size, font colors etc etc across similar elements of different sections.

    3. MOST IMPORTANT IS VALUE PROPOSITION - It simply means that the value that your product/website provides should be pretty accurate, short and to the point.
      When a user lands on the website, the first screen view, that is the first section should clearly describe the value that you provide along with a CTA(Call To Action), so the user can perform the action from there and there itself.

    4. Content - Make sure that you do no grammatical mistakes and the sentences are short, easy to read and to the point.Long texts are boring and the users won't read it. Finish off in 2 lines.
      Choose good fonts, there are plenty of fonts available, why not try out and select a good one and set it with good font colors.

    5. Use SSL, build a nice looking design, do not clutter texts, make sure the links are not empty and have a valid url, add navigation bar, add CTA, do not give too many options since its confusing.

    TL;DR - Clean design, smooth and clear visibility, easy to read fonts, uniformity across section, making value prop clear.

    These are the few factors that can help increase conversions on the landing page.
    Closing the thread now.
    All the best for you latest landing page. Thank you for being a nice audience.

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    Thanks! Here's mine. Critique away: https://www.alienbabble.com

    1. 1

      I like the design and animation but I couldn't understand what's going on except those loud babble voices thingy, what is the value prop?

      1. 1

        Thanks for your review. Good question. I haven't really thought about the value prop. I just made the landing page for fun. Do you think I should include something else besides the menu and the about button? :D

        1. 2

          Firstly find out who is your target audience and what kind of website they check out. Derive a value prop . Then only you can add more stuff to the website which will be relatable to the content they consume. The target audience should feel the urge to come back and stick to it(if you are developing something of that kind).

          1. 1

            Sounds great. Thank you very much!

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      The first section is little bit unorganised, too much of the text.
      Keep the primary(value proposition) big , the small one below it needs a color change.
      "Pre-Register here to avail 50% OFF on your first month!" line should be kept below the button and with a very small font, because to register I need to scroll which is not at all good. You can decrease the size of the fonts on that line and increase the "50%" so that it's pretty clear about the discount.
      The first section should end in the visible section of the screen. NO scrolling to sign up.
      Spacing above the top logo can be reduced to adjust all the content and stuff.

      The alignment is with ups and downs in the second section. All the logos should align in same line and so does the content.
      I like the design of the website. Good job.

      1. 1

        Hey @dssagar93 thanks for the great feedback! I'm assuming your viewing the site via mobile?

        1. 1

          No, I checked from my laptop

          1. 2

            Thanks. I'm making some adjustment now.

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    Hello, I would love some feedback on the new version of my landing page, cheers!

    1. 1

      I don't have much to say since the design and content is pretty good and well placed.
      Few suggestions,
      Keep SIGN UP and LEARN MORE button away form each other. The focus should be on the single button(primary). At the same time you don't need to provide other option to the user because the user can click and get away from the page. Ideally people don't put 2 of them. If you want to learn more, simply scroll to the next section

      Good job.

    2. 1

      Google Audit reckons you can save 8.1 seconds by properly sizing images. Easy way to boost the speed of the site.

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    Hey Sagar, would love to grab your feedback on our site and if everything makes sense to you. https://www.solidgps.com

    1. 1

      Hey TrentT, you have got lot of content which is good but the way you have organised is not at all acceptable if you want more conversions.

      Firstly, the first section of the website is the important one and which is not that good in your case, because I am looking for the sentences here and there. Check out what other websites do. Simplicity is the key.

      The content should be all together on the left side and buttons on the right.
      This way people don't need to roll the eyes here and there and makes visibility pretty clear.
      ABOUT SOLID GPS button can be small (or could be removed, I would suggest you to remove it). The primary goal of your users is to BUY the the tracker or GET the tracker and that's what you should focus on in the first section. Let them read what value you are providing and immediately provide them the GET button which is a CTA.

      Portable, long life... etc needs to move to another section below the first one because keep the first one clean and to the point.

      SolidGPS Performance Overview section has many boxes but the border is there only for some boxes and some don't. Seems off to me.
      Also, do not repeat stuff again and again on the website for the same thing. Say it once, and stop. Keep it to the point and make it clear to the users what you are providing.
      Overall, the content needs to be organised so it should be pretty clear and easy to read to the user's eye.

      1. 2

        Thanks Sagar, we'll get working on implementing your suggestions.

          1. 2

            Hey Sagar,

            Made some changes based on what you suggested. Would you mind checking it out again?

            1. 1

              Yes, now it relatively seems decent. Glad that you did those changes :)

    1. 1

      Plain simple and not too lengthy, I like it.

      Firstly, you need to work on the content side. The way you frame sentence and put up needs a bit of work. Stick to what you are trying to convey but make sure you dont end sentences like this -> . Low pressure meeting. It feels bit weird to read like this. Nothing major changes, but work on the content delivery.
      Grammar checks, do it because users truly hate grammatical mistakes. Resolve it.
      Overall, good job.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

      2. 1

        Also, try to keep the height of the boxes same in the "You are busy. We understand." section

  10. 1

    Colorsandfonts.com i keep getting different feedbacks, is like the users can't agree .
    Thanks mate

    1. 1

      "Colors & Fonts" is not the driving factor or a value prop. It should be in a small size.
      The value that you are providing to the users should be in a big bold text that is
      "Curated library of colors and fonts for Web Developers & Digital Designers."
      TL;DR : Swap the texts.

      Secondly, you have only one section, which is of course nice and can also be considered as "to the point" but what about adding a sample from each of the 4 sections on the landing page?
      It's a landing page so I think the users should know what's on the inside or at least have a glance on what it could be.

      You can also add default colors that people use and "vs" show them what it could be with the help of color palettes that you provide. In a sense, show the difference you make.

      Since, I understand you do not have a signup/login thing, there's no CTA majorly, but collecting emails and sending a newsletter to them on bi-weekly can also drive more views on websites, otherwise people come and forget the site, you should make them come back again and again.

      Good job, I would personally use the website for choosing color palettes for designing. I like the simplicity of the website.

      1. 1

        Hey thank you for the constructive feedback,

        I can try to swap them and see how they look and feel.

        With section you mean the symbols? You mean to swap the section to maybe descriptive screenshots?

        To show users how could they use a color palette I am have been testing adding a button in every palette and let them change the website colors.

        I do not have a login button because I am learning how to do that still, and regarding collecting emails colors & fonts is budget 0, at the moment is sort of am unknown world.

        I do have plans for letting users create a profile and save the liked ones but I am learning.

        That's why I moved to forebase to use the firestore and so on

        Thank you for your feedback really appreciated

        1. 1

          By section I mean the main content part where you have listed down 4 services.
          Yes integrating firebase free tier to store data should be implemented asap because once you launch the login/sign up thing, you can send newlettters to the existing list of emails. Thanks again!

          1. 1

            Now there's two more into that section now it became 6.

            I will start to implement it tonight then, but I have to learn though.
            The question is, the user logs in, then what?

            • What are they supposed to be doing after login in...?

            For me to put a login without no fun action after the user is logged in is like too obvious to them that I just need to collect emails...or?

            Implementing an image upload and for them to make a profile is going to take long time because I need to learn first.

            Maybe is time for me to look for a co-founder...

            Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate

            1. 1

              No no, don't implement login if it is not required. Once you are ready with the roadmap and can think through then only add sign up functionality. I was talking about collecting just the emails for newsletters for time being, nothing else. You can focus on the primary goals right now and once you think you have enough data you can start building the login / sign up functionality.

              1. 1

                Ahh but, collecting emails with what then?

                1. 1

                  A simple call to save the addresses in the DB that you like. Google sheets can also be used as a database, just FYI :)

                  1. 1

                    I will have a look to that.

                    I am new to all of this and back end i have neer touched..

                    I was playing around with real time data base with firebase yesterday and I couldn't make it work..i am trying again soon tho.

                    1. 1

                      Got it. Sounds great.

  11. 1

    Any feedback on https://fill.ly/ would be welcomed.

    1. 1

      Hi, the value prop is clear above the fold and CTA seems good. The fonts are looking pretty off to me. If I were you I'd change it and use some nice ones. You can try changing the fonts by trying out different ones on the Google fonts website. If you want to stick to the existing ones, you can reduce the font-size for the <p> tag, I think it'll look nice.

      Or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date :- I didn't knew it was a CTA until I by mistakenly took my mouse on it. If it's a CTA, if there's any action associated to it, then let users know otherwise people just can't guess that it could be a link/button or its something clickable.
      Design the CTA nicely and make it look clickable.
      The "vs" is meant to be comparable, right? So try to remove the padding and make it side by side with the same amount of content on both the sides. Aesthetics should be good on the website overall.

      If everything is on the center, why footer is on the right? Move it to the center.
      Also, adding a box/frame to all the images won't harm and will also give a nice feel to the users.

      Overall, nice job and can be improved with minor changes to look good and eventually drive conversions.

      1. 1

        Thank you, that's really valuable feedback. I will definitely go through all your advice when doing the next iteration of Landing Page improvements.

    1. 2

      I like the design and illustrations. Aesthetics are pretty good and the design gives a warm feeling with the colors that you have used.
      There are very few things that I think you need to work on.
      Firstly, I am bit confused right now that whether you did it intentionally or was it a mistake about redirecting the Get Started CTA from the top to all the way to the bottom to a section which doesn't at all relates to the flow.

      Ideally when a user is starting, he/she is unaware about the product and also on where to begin the journey. So when you say Get Started, either redirect the user to the HOW IT WORKS zone to make user understand about the flow or completely change the CTA and make it a lead generation input by asking the registration email id/contact number etc etc.

      Secondly, you sure don't want any grammar mistakes on the landing page, so check all the sentences because I see minor grammatical mistakes.

      Also Choose a Non-Profit that you Love section should not have ".....". Keep it small and end it there and there itself to avoid redirection for the user and thus dropping the conversion rate. In mobile phone, do check once because Choose a Non-Profit that you Love section is little off

      Overall, I like the design of the website and also the content. Amazing work.

      1. 2

        Oh wow, this is such an amazing and detailed feedback! you are amazing

    1. 1

      We have a lot to talk.
      Firstly, what's up with so big navigation bar? The navigation bar is utilizing the 30% of the screen which is definitely not good.
      Secondly, the navigation bar content height is not uniform. Some are taking 4 lines, some of them 2 etc etc. Keep a single word for the links.

      "Start sharing your content today!"
      But how am I supposed to share? There should be form or a textbox with a button to either signup/get early access or to add mobile number etc etc right?. That's where you generate the leads i.e above the fold(First section of the website).

      There is a contact us form on the page which is a good thing but also add a CTA(Call To Action) in the first section, because not all users are gonna scroll and check the whole page. So generate the leads from the first section.

      The content on the page is short and more to the point which I like it but the design needs a lot of work to be honest.

  12. 1

    Thanks in advance Sagar! Would love some feedback! - miyagii.co

    1. 2

      Above the fold design and illustration is pretty good.
      You are using too much space for a simple 3 column layout in the second section. Don't make the section(s) lengthy. Keep it short and more to the point. I am not sure why you did not add a navbar but it leads to more conversions and the users can also check different pages (you can argue that it'll drop the conv rates but I do think that adding a nav is important driver for the conversions).

      Again the aesthetics are messed up. Section 2 has how it works, section 3, 4 and 5 doesn't have a heading which is bit awkward in a general sense.

      Section 3 is also bit lengthy which I feel as awkward since you can use 2 rows 3 columns layout and reduce the lengthiness of the page.
      Section 4 needs some heading whether it's testimonial/Monday motivation quote or whatever it is. Href on Logo is missing and yeah use SSL please.

      The design is pretty good and attractive but reducing the lengthiness and sticking to more focused and clear description will really help you.

      1. 2

        Awesome thanks so much for the feedback, all looks like pretty helpful stuff.

        Some of the issues are based around battling with bubble.is to do what I want it to, think its a case of watching more tutorials.

        Will definitely start implementing your thoughts

        Thanks again,

        1. 1

          Yes, check tutorials on what drives the conversion more. It'll help you.

    2. 1

      I forgot to add that on mobile you should check out once as the design seems completely messed up and can increase the bounce rate. Work hard on it

  13. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

  14. 1

    This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

    1. 1

      In first 8 seconds, the value prop was clear which I really like it. The landing page is pretty classic but you need to work hard on it to get more conversions. Increase the font size where you have mentioned "Contact form in a link" and the line below it because I see that some space is getting wasted below so I am pretty sure you can utilize it. Be more clear and be more bold about it.

      One thing that I would suggest you to do is, move the stats which are there on the footer to the top(probably in h1 or h2 tag), for example you can say "Trusted by 800 users by sending xxxxxx number of messages" etc etc. Those things give more confidence to the potential users to use the platform since they "NOW" know about the existing user base.

      The landing page is not looking good on the website. Work really hard on it.
      I like the overall zero-friction design of the website.

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