Developers March 2, 2020

Got my first "personal experience" Youtube video out there


Hey guys!

I've been working as a professional developer for the past 3 and a half years. Thinking back, it's been a rollercoaster, especially the first year. That's why I'm going to share my story - how I got my first professional job and what I learned from my first year as a junior developer.

You can check out my journey here

I'm planning to create more content about web development, developer lifestyle and growth mindset. I'd reaaally love to hear your feedback!

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    Hey man,
    Great to hear your perspective about breaking into the industry.
    I'm a beginner programmer and really struggling to improve...
    Would love to get a dev job some day but it seems impossible to prepare for all the questions an interviewer might ask, and to make a portfolio that would be attractive to employers.
    Hope to see more videos from you in the future.

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      @pseudowalrus thank you for the encouragement!

      Also, I feel your struggles as I've been there in some ways. Are there any specific topics that seem hard?

      That said, I advise you to just start building and create some kind of portfolio. Yes, technical questions play a part, but it's what you've done that matters.

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        Hey thanks for the advice,
        I find structuring my code really tough - as the program gets bigger it gets harder and harder to organize. Also since there's loads of different solutions for the same problem, deciding which approach to use in which scenario can be overwhelming.

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          If you'd like, you can reach me in Facebook for example. I'd more than happy to help :) !

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    Love the video!

    Your studio looks comfy AF. Keep creating more videos!

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      Ooh, thanks Irvollo! It's actually my living room and my favourite reading chair! But thanks and I'll promise to keep the coming.

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