Got My First Real User!

I've been reaching out to my network telling them that I released what I had been working on. For the first few days I had a lot of my network say "cool I'll check it out!" and then either never check it out or create an account and do nothing with it. Finally yesterday I found someone who started using Trig. He said "Trig's tagging system is magical." He added quite a few pieces of content to Trig and it seemed he really saw the vision.

You can add websites to Trig through the app itself, but he was trying to add Tweets. Unfortunately Twitter has some rate limits that make it hard to scrape tweets correctly. That's one benefit of the Chrome extension that I made. Unfortunately he uses Firefox. This is my first feature request! Time to port my Chrome extension over to Firefox!

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    Keep the momentum going!

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      For sure, thanks for the encouragement!

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    Phenomenal!! The first client feels so good. Good luck!

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      It really does :) - Appreciate it!

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    Nice work @bjenkins24! Hopefully just the start :)

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    Nice! The site looks good.

    Curious to know what's your marketing strategy for next users,
    are you cold messaging people and such?

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      Hey, thanks for checking it out! Right now it's just cold messaging people. One thing I didn't do as I was building this out was build in public. I really wish I had, so I figure it's never too late to start. Going to try to do that and see where it goes.

      I have a few more plans on where to go marketing next, but I really want to validate that what I have is good first. Would like to get a handful of users and have those users have product requests before I really start marketing it hard.

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        Awesome, what's your response rate on those cold messages? I can take a look at the message maybe give you some feedback.

        Also, I would maybe follow up with all those people you messaged before telling them about your user: "BTW wanted to ask, I have a user who needs a Firefox extension would it help you as well?" or something like this haha might worth a shot.

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          Hey thanks appreciate the follow up. So basically the only people I've told in messages currently are friends/co-workers that I thought would just do me a solid and check it out since I've been talking about it for months. So honestly I didn't really think about what I was gonna write too much as all of them said for months they would love to help me test. Basically it goes something like this:

          "Hey I finally released the first version of the product I've been working on. Would love some feedback! https://trytrig.com"

          Everyone has replied. But out of 35 messages so far literally only one has really tested it out. Maybe 5 created accounts and did nothing with it.

          That's a good idea though to hit them up again. I just don't want to be too annoying like those MLM people :)

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            Yes, it feels nasty sometimes haha,
            Reply back once you do the follow up:)

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      Thanks, really appreciate it!

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    Congratulations @bjenkins24, hope you get the second one soon!

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    This is the best feeling ever. That first user. :) Keep it up!

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      Thanks, it is! Appreciate it!

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    It's a cool idea and definitely see it being useful. But I am hesitant to use it because it requires a a Chrome extension that has access to all of your browsing/website history. There's been quite a few recently in the news that turned out to be "malware" that siphoned of all of user/personal data. Obviously this is not yours but from security minded users it's still a concern because the developer is small / unknown / unverified. Whereas something like Pocket I can more or less trust because its created by Mozilla Foundation. May be one hurdle to getting traction (although I suspect wider public probably doesn't see it as much of a concern as I do)

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      Hey thanks for pointing that out! That's really interesting because I specifically made sure I wasn't requiring history in my permissions, but it looks like in the chrome web store it does say history. I only have it as "activeTab" in the manifest. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what I'm requesting, or maybe just "activeTab" is displayed as history in the web store. I'm going to have to look into that because I don't need your history at all, just the active tab.

      Also the chrome extension isn't required necessarily although the experience is significantly better with it. But regardless thanks for checking it out!

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    That's great. You just got product validation! First of more users

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