Got my first sale :') ...now what?

I just got my first paying customer for this info product I created. This came from sharing it on an online community.

Felt good that I finally cross the penny gap. But what are ways to grow it after the initial "launch"?

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    GONG! awesome, great job.

    Here's a suggested gameplan for you to find your next 10 customers:

    • make assumptions on who would benefit the most from your course
    • build 2/3 different personas (years of experience, industries, titles, type of firm, size of firm)
    • look for places where these people "hangout" online (communities, social media)
    • reach out to them "cold" using problem-led copywriting
    • give them enough "love" for 30 days before moving on to the next one, typically 7 to 10 touchpoints (use tools to automate boring tasks)
    • once you get a reply, get them on a call! even 10 minutes with your prospects, to learn about their challenges, what they're trying to accomplish, and understand how your offer can help do just that
    • keep AB testing your copy (just focus on replies as your main KPI)
    • once you've onboarded 10 new customers, keep us updated and I'll share more for the next 100!
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      Merci, Victor! All actionable pointers. I started getting on 15-minute chats with my prospects this week. Will see how this goes :)

      Also expanding online communities to look.

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    Congrats on the milestone!

    I am sure you have already tried doing something - will you share with us what's been done? What results did it bring?

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      Thanks! The initial $10 order is still just the only order I have: https://gumroad.com/l/CodeFun

      I have since spoken with 15+ people from the target audience to understand more about their needs.

      I started running FB ads two days ago. The "View content" conversion was OK, but no purchase conversion yet.

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    That's AMAZING, John, congrats!

    Here are some questions that can help you generate ideas:

    • How have you promoted it to date? Are you promoting the product itself or creating additional assets to support the launch (blog posts with CTAs that point to your product for example)?
    • Have you teased any content on Twitter or via your email list? (Screenshots of the table of contents, maybe a chapter header, something like that)
    • Have you shared the WHY behind the product? The story? I've found that people really value that
    • Is a link to your info product in the URL of your social profiles?
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      Thanks a lot, Stephanie! Great questions to think about.

      Just shared it on Twitter in addition to my initial Reddit post, and the response seems OK so far :)

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    Congrats, now it's time to invest more time on it I guess 😜

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    Awesome, congratulations !!!

    Although I don't yet have the experience, I would say just keep going. Keep making great work, great content, and most importantly, showing up !

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    Now it's time to get drunk! :D

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    but for people to help you grow you need to provide more details like: What is the product? who are you targeting?

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      Oh right, oops! 😅

      I launched a mini-course (pre-order for now) to help beginners who are struggling/losing motivation with learning programming: https://gumroad.com/l/CodeFun

      Initially shared it indirectly in a r/learnprogramming post on Reddit. Got some initial traffic, but it was already the largest community of my target audience I know. Now I am trying to figure out where else to share.

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        mmm, I suggest you try community like dev.to
        also on twitter the hashtags #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie are popular and many new developers are using them.

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          You could also try https://www.producthunt.com/ if you feel you can handle the traffic/orders

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            Great ideas! thanks guys 🙏

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