Got my first subscriber!

Got my first subscriber today!

That might seem too small to bother commenting on, but I have been writing for about a month so nice to finally get a tiny boost.

I am still trying to figure out the format/frequency of my newsletter, and I am struggling to find the best way to get feedback and improve at this early stage. If anyone knows of good ways to get feedback (or would like to share feedback directly here!) that would be massively appreciated. 🙏


Sending good vibes

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    Great, congrats Jamie! I also subscribed :) I love the topics you’re covering and I recently started working on a project to help content creators in the field of (mental) wellbeing to grow their audiences. Contact me if you’d like to chat, twitterhandle and email on my profile :)

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      Thanks Tom, really appreciate your kind words. I just followed you on Twitter, and will send you a DM when it allows me to (I think you have to follow me back). Definitely would love to learn more about what you are working on.

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    I subscribed also. And it's not too small. The way to 100, 1,000 and 10,000 is built one subscriber at a time :)

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      Thank you friend! 🙏 I appreciate the encouragement

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    Congrats! Nothing like that feeling getting your first subscriber. 🙌 Keep going!

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    Here is a great place to get feedback. I read through a couple of entries and below are my thoughts:

    • be specific about what the reader is getting. In your case it can be Actionable Advice on Living with Purpose.
    • I think you need to niche down. You cover 3 topics that are related but also very broad. Covering in depth all three will be difficult.
    • Which topic to pick? Problem solving. It's the skill of the future, it's concrete and you have very defined market. You can also easily monetize it later on. There is also quite a bit of good literature on problem solving that you use to teach the skill. If I didn't start my newsletter The Idea Pitch, I'd be working on problem solving.
    • join forums and groups on your topic and post there. This is how you can build a following and spread the word. I think it's hard for you to do it now because your topic are broad. Once you narrow down, look for those groups online.
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      Hi Vickalchev, thanks a lot for taking the time to read and share your feedback, that's really helpful. 🙏

      Definitely I plan to stay engaged here and talking with fellow creators such as yourself helps a lot.

      I do agree I need to get more specific about the benefit for readers, thanks for the suggestion.



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    Congrats, keep on creating!

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    Nice website. Did you build it yourself?

    I'm building my beta user list for my startup Imvidu, so know how tough it is.

    Right now, using direct outreach before I do something that's more scale-able. But I find it's the best way + you get to build relationships!

    Use Facebook groups (wisely), also try LinkedIn outreach - however it's a bit of a cesspool at the moment with all the automated bots doing (spam) outreach.

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      Thanks for the tips Jayaygrow! And yes, it is Substack.

      I think Linkedin can make sense for a startup if it is B2B, but for a newsletter I am not so sure about a non-spammy way to do it.

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      Yeah, just realized, silly question -website is on Substack which I haven't heard of before! ;p

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    Great approach, Jamie, I love it!

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      Thank you for the encouragement, friend !

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    congrats! it always feels good when you start to build your community.

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    I've subscribed too! 👍

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      Thank you friend! 🙏 I hope it is valuable to you. :)

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