Got tons of traffic from posting in ReactJS subreddit

Hey guys,
Yesterday I posted logology on the ReactJs subreddit.

I wanted to share what we worked on to get some feedback, but to my surprise it completely blew up.

For hours, we were staring at ~25 users live on the site, here's the stats we got:

  • 1080 users in one single day
  • 15 signups
  • 1 sale (people usually buy within a few days of their first visit though, so it might get better)

logology live users

logology total users

All of that with a post that took me literally 5 minutes to write, where I shared how I built the site using ReactJS.

So if you've done some interesting technical stuff to build your product, be sure to share it in the relevant subreddits. There are many others like r/css r/javascript r/rails...

It's an easy way to get free traffic.

  1. 3

    Simply amazing product! I think I've never seen something like this. I'm very impressed!


    1. 1

      I very much appreciate it Miguel thank you 🥰.

      Did you find a logo for your project?

      1. 2

        I tried for an upcoming project! And I must say, really close to what my project is about!

        But I will look closely in the upcoming weeks!

        Overall you have a great product at an accessible price!

  2. 3

    Thank you for sharing the results 😃

  3. 2

    Oh there you go.. you detailed it really well & that hooked the eyes of those developers.
    Brilliant job @dagorenouf.

    Well everybody there got amazed because of the UI & the detailing you shared, but focussing on r/startups , entrepreneur , smallbusiness etc will get you more sales as well.

    Do more commenting on related subreddits where people are asking for logo.

    Try this boolean search

    site:reddit.com "need logo"

    All the very best :)

    1. 1

      Thank you so much 😃.

      I tried that at some point but didn't get much success. Our offer is for the "tech startup" niche, and most people I found on these searches are twitch gamers or regular businesses (for which our offering is not great). I might be missing something though.

      1. 2

        There is this big thread opened every month in r/startups where startups can list their site details & services. That's another place that you can offer the services. Also the services listed here in IH, PH etc.. :)

  4. 2

    This is a really good case! Reddit is super-sensitive to any promos so you did it very wisely!

    1. 2

      Thanks! Yeah I think it was just the right balance. I also got some very helpful feedback along the way.

  5. 2

    I’m sure the visual design helped! The site looks great.

    1. 1

      Thank you! With all the positive feedback, I’m starting to think we should pivot to selling landing pages 😅

  6. 2

    that sud reddit is fire, posted twice about wickedblocks and it blew also..

    The more the merrier.


  7. 1

    Can you share the link to the actual post?

  8. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  9. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    1. 1

      Thank you very much for the heads up. You’re right that these platforms can sometimes overstep on their responsibilities. I’ll be extra careful even though I don’t think it’s a risk in this case.

  10. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    1. 1

      Oh I didn’t try to hack it or anything, just shared my latest work. The traffic was a nice surprise.

      Did something like this happened to you?

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